How Do SmartConnect Microsoft Integrations Work?

October 19, 2020 Tony Castellano

Can your business really build seamless Microsoft integrations in a fraction of the time and costWith SmartConnect, the answer is YES! Integrating your business applications and data is a priority for most companies; however, it isn’t always simple, and not all integrations work the way they’re supposed to. Many businesses still end up with manual processes and workarounds as a result 

SmartConnect Makes Integrations Easy 
Western Computer is proud to partner with eOne Solutions, the developers of SmartConnect. This toolset allows businesses to create no-code integrations that are flexible and scalable to fit your exact needs both now and in the future. SmartConnect is specifically optimized to work with Dynamics 365Salesforce, NAV, GP, CRM, and more, so you can easily connect your Microsoft solutions with other applications, whether they’re by Microsoft or not. 

Watch our OnDemand webinar for an overview of SmartConnect:

Integration Connection for D365 Business Central and NAV with SmartConnect


How does SmartConnect work? 
SmartConnect focuses on connecting ERP and CRM solutions with other apps and tools, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Start with pre-built connectors and templates and customize them to suit your needs, or build your integrations from scratch.  

  • Choose your sources: Pick the data sources you want to integrate, such as Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Excel, SQL, Folders, REST & SOAP web services, etc.  

  • Map your data: Use a simple, understandable interface to choose exactly which data you’d like to generate. 

  • Select triggers: Choose how to trigger and automate integrations from options including manual, scheduled, and real-time. 

  • Transform information: Use scripting transformations, calculations, entity lookups, a functions library, and more to translate data into the desired end format. 

  • Connect to custom applications: Use SmartConnect’s web services REST connection to create and manage integrations with your business’s custom applications. 

  • Use scripting: For more complex needs, developers can use scripting within the integrated process to enable even more transformations and connections.  


Does your business need seamless integrations? 
Every business has unique needs for processes, toolsets, and integrations that will support efficiencies and long-term success. SmartConnect is a powerful tool to create configurable, no-code integrations with your Microsoft solutions and your entire set of business technologies 

If your organization uses Dynamics 365 Business Central, check out our article explaining 4 advantages of using SmartConnect to integrate Business Central.  

Would you like to talk to an integrations expert about Microsoft Dynamics 365, SmartConnect, or other business solutions? We are here to help. Contact us today.   

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