What’s Next in Microsoft Power Platform 2019 Release Wave 2?

September 25, 2019 Tony Castellano

Modern business solutions easily gather large amounts of data, but the key to success is figuring out how to use that data to help your business grow. The innovative tools within Microsoft Power Platform deliver a revolutionary set of possibilities to your business: the ability to quickly understand, integrate, automate, and act on your data in ways that have previously required extensive time and coding.

With the incredible combination of Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow built on the foundation of a Common Data Model, users can utilize Power Platform to create no-code business solutions.  

Microsoft continues to enhance Power Platform by adding major new functionality. Here’s a summary of 2 of the new features we’re excited about in Power Platform 2019 release wave 2, coming this fall:


AI Builder

Microsoft PowerApps has already introduced a no-code approach to developing by enabling ordinary users to create internal business apps.  With AI Builder, these capabilities will also include the option to build artificial intelligence and predictive analytics into your customized apps.

The new AI Builder works with Flow and PowerApps to enable users to add a layer of intelligence and logic to applications as they design them. This is possible because Power Platform, with its Data Connecter and Common Data Model, makes it easy to gather data from numerous sources.

With AI Builder, you can ask the system to use this data for AI tasks such as object detection, forms processing, or predicting future data. All of this can be done easily, without requiring the assistance of a professional developer or data scientist to build a complex data model. Pre-built or configurable templates will make it easy to publish AI models, without needing countless hours of coding. 


PowerApps Portals

PowerApps Portals deliver low-code, responsive websites to your external users or employees so they can interact with the data stored in Power Platform’s Common Data Service.  These custom-branded websites can be designed from within PowerApps.

With PowerApps Portals, you can build the portals to provide external users with access to the sites either anonymously or through a login provider such as their Microsoft Account, LinkedIn, and more. You can also create sites for employees, who can log in with their corporate Azure Active Directory account. PowerApps Portals can integrate with Microsoft services such as Power BI, SharePoint, Flow, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Application Insights to add rich, personalized content to users’ portals.


Learn More About Power Platform 2019 Release Wave 2

AI Builder and PowerApps Portals are just two major highlights from the extensive list of enhancements in Power Platform 2019 release wave 2. These are cutting-edge technologies with vast potential to encourage innovation.

Want to learn more about Power Platform? Read our overview article and watch our on-demand webinar for more ideas about how these tools could benefit your business.

If you have questions about Power Platform, its components, and whether they can help your organization grow, contact Western Computer experts for guidance. We’ve helped numerous businesses use technology to increase innovation and encourage growth, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned.


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