How to Save Time on Sales Order Reviews and Approvals

September 21, 2023 Tony Castellano

Is your staff currently spending manual hours reviewing, and approving sales orders for your business? If an order gets caught in the approval process there is a delay getting them to the warehouse and ultimately out to the customer. That’s why we built 365WineTrade to automate and simplify the whole process. 

Fast, Easy, Accurate Sales Order and Credit Reviews

For every business it’s critical to get your sales orders right, however with all the ramifications around the law and taxes in the wine and spirits industry it’s especially important. Typically, that means checking each order and line item manually for potential errors. You also have to make sure the customer doesn’t have any credit or billing issues such as overdue balances or issues with their state status. If you have a high volume of sales orders, that adds up to a lot of hours you wouldn’t have to spend if you had the right tools.

What does 365WineTrade Sales Order Review check?

Out of the box, 365WineTrade includes multiple check points for sales orders, including:

  • Overdue Balance, Over Credit Limit, On Credit Hold
  • Sample Orders, Orders on Hold, etc.
  • Minimum Charge or Split-Case Charge Manually Deleted
  • Changes to Unit Price or not matching price list
  • Allocation related reviews
  • Exceeding sample budget

These check points can also be tailored by Western Computer for your unique business requirements and you have the flexibility to assign what you want to check for each order type.

365WineTrade is designed to automatically cross-check your sales orders and customer credit for discrepancies behind the scenes and flag potential issues for you. You can then see only the items that need to be reviewed/resolved at a glance in a few ways: on the Sales Order screen, on the Sales Order Review dashboard and/or on the Credit Review dashboard. This eliminates spending time reviewing every detail of every order and highlights only orders with items of concern.

A huge time saver with the 365WineTrade Sales Order Review dashboard is the ability to review and approve multiple orders at one time. And if there is a good customer with several orders on hold, you can easily see that on screen and expedite resolution for high priority customers and orders.

How else will 365WineTrade help your business?

Wine & spirits distributors are busy folks and you don’t have to get bogged down in the manual and tedious work of sales order and credit reviews. Let us show you how efficient we can make this and many, many other processes in your business. Contact us to speak with an industry expert or schedule a demo to see 365WineTrade in action! 

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