3 Cool Features of Intelligent Resource Scheduling in Dynamics 365 Field Service

August 24, 2020 Tanya Regna

Field service operations are being revolutionized by new technologies that simplify and improve your daily processes. Intelligent resource scheduling in Dynamics 365 Field Service is one particularly exciting innovation shaping the future of field service. What is it, how does it work, and how will improve your business?

Intelligent resource scheduling has a huge impact for organizations with field services. It optimizes utilization, minimizes equipment downtime, and improves customer satisfaction—just to name a few benefits.

How does intelligent resource scheduling work?


1. Ability to assign multiple resources to one work order

One of the most complex challenges in effective field service is also one of the most fundamental processes: how can you optimize scheduling for the benefit of both your organization and your customers?

This is difficult enough when assigning one technician and/or resource to one job. However, when assigning multiple resources per job, the complexity of scheduling rises exponentially. Crew management and resource grouping eliminates this frustrating challenge.

Intelligent resource scheduling means being able to easily schedule who and what you need for a job, regardless of how many resources are needed. This is an area in which Dynamics 365 Field Service really shines. The solution offers sophisticated AI, analytics, drag-and-drop capabilities, and organizational options that make it possible to quickly and effectively schedule one or multiple technicians and/or resources per job.


2. At-a-Glance scheduling and analysis dashboards

As new technicians, equipment, and customers become involved, your scheduling needs and abilities will change. That means optimizing scheduling is a constant process rather than a one-time fix. A major step in optimizing your field service is to have a better analysis of how things are going on a daily basis. Having this information ongoing gives you the information you need to continuously improve and see problems before they magnify.

Dynamics 365 Field Service includes specific resource scheduling reports and dashboards which make it easy to do this, and drag-and-drop customizable dashboards give each decision-maker the flexibility they need to see and track the information that matters most to them.


3. Routing rules to optimize technician schedules and routes

Intelligent resource scheduling enables you to create the most efficient schedule that minimizes travel time and downtime, while making sure the right resources arrive on time at the right job. For example, Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to schedule in one of three ways: fully manual, partially automated, or fully automated.

Routing rules allow your dispatchers to automate this process or receive suggestions to make manual scheduling far easier. When you receive a request, routing rules make it possible to assign resources and technicians based on complex criteria including: skill sets, inventory, location, priority, availability, etc. If you choose, the rules can automatically create and schedule work orders in a way that maximizes utilization.


Want to learn more about Intelligent Resource Scheduling with D365 Field Service?

Intelligent resource scheduling is just one of the major innovations Dynamics 365 Field Service offers to transform your outcomes. Western Computer has over 30 years of experience helping businesses like yours implement and maximize the best technology solutions for long-term success.

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