Dynamics 365 Field Service: How to Convert a Case to a Work Order

January 13, 2021 Tanya Regna

How long does it take staff to generate a field service work order from a case? Are you seeing mistakes from manual entry? What if you no longer had to create work orders from scratch? We’ll show you how easy it is to convert a case to a work order in Dynamics 365 Field Service. 

With D365 Field Service, converting a case to a work order takes just a single click and a few seconds, and the work order information is automatically generated to reduce the possibility for error. This is just one more reason the integrated and connected functionality offered by Dynamics 365 Field Service is a major game changer for service-based organizations of all types. 


How to Convert a Case to a Work Order in Dynamics 365 Field Service 

Here’s the extremely simple process of using Dynamics 365 Field Service from the moment of receiving a phone call from a customer to creating a service booking. You can also see this in action by watching our quick demonstration video


How to Convert a Case to a Work Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

1. A customer calls in with an equipment problem, and a worker enters the information to create a case.  


2. The employee converts the case to a work order with a single click, and the work order is automatically sent to the dispatch team for scheduling. 


3. The work order contains all the details from the case and any additional information that may be needed about the service request, such as specific technician skillsets. 


4. Dispatch will see the details of the work order and any additional information that might be needed. The dispatcher can see that the work order was converted from a case, the work order type, and whether it’s been scheduled yet. Additionally, any requirements such as technician skillsets will be noted in the work order, as well as estimated time needed for the service call.  


5. The dispatcher can pull up the schedule board to select an available resource and time, and then create a booking. The end time can be automatically populated based on the estimated time needed.  


6. The dispatcher can see that the booking was created at the bottom of the screen, and an alert will automatically be sent to the resource notifying them they’ve been scheduled for the job. 


Ready to Transform Your Field Service Outcomes? 

This simple, integrated process is a perfect example of how Dynamics 365 Field Service connects your organization to improve first-time fix rates, speed up billing, keep customers in the loop, and much more.  

Another major strength of Dynamics 365 Field Service is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft apps such as Dynamics 365 Finance. When you add the numerous other opportunities for optimization, automation, and integration that are possible with integrated Dynamics 365 solutions, you’ll have a level of visibility and control that simply wasn’t possible before.  

Western Computer is committed to empowering organizations like yours to succeed by using technology in a way that’s effective, self-sufficient, and high-value. Contact us today to speak to a field services expert about your goals and needs.  


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Tanya Regna

Tanya Regna is Western Computer’s Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM Project Manager and Solution Architect. Tanya is experienced in all phases of the software development life cycle, from requirements gathering through documentation, training, and go-live support. Tanya has worked with clients to ensure alignment of internal business requirements to best practices, extending the out of the box functionality of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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