Why Working Offline in D365 Field Service is a Big Advantage

Accessing and recording information in the field is often a clunky and time-consuming process for technicians, particularly in areas where online access to systems and data is limited. That’s why the ability to work offline in Dynamics 365 Field Service is such an important benefit.

Imagine empowering technicians with access to all the information they need, and the ability to take pictures, attach documents and make notes—all from their tablet or other mobile device, even when online access is unavailable—well, it’s a pretty big deal.

When working offline, the information the technician needs can be downloaded to their device, and any information entered can be synced to the server later. Not only does this boost morale for technicians, your customers love it too. They get consistent status updates, clean invoices, improved analytics, and seamless processes throughout their experience.

What can you do while working offline in Dynamics 365 Field Service?


View and update work orders on the spot

Technicians can see work orders that are assigned to them, view the location of the job on a map, and get driving directions. Additionally, technicians can update the status of the work order, for example to indicate they’re traveling to the site, a fix is in progress, or the work is completed. They can also view details of the work order, such as service account info, priority, service time windows, price lists, and incidents related to the issue.


Create purchase orders on the fly

When a mobile app allows the creation of purchase orders either online or offline, your technicians can just walk into a hardware store, find the item they need, create a purchase order with their mobile app, then go to the job and install it. This offers a whole new level of efficiency that results in positive change throughout your organization.


Add information and accept signatures

Technicians can add valuable information to each work order via the app, even if offline. Before, they would have to just remember or write manual notes to transfer in later. That’s inefficient and there is a good chance it will never make into the system. 

For example, imagine your technician can take pictures or videos, store drawings, create voice notes, and attach documents that will all get synced to ERP later. You can capture signatures electronically which could automatically generate an invoice and email it to your customer as soon as the information is synced. Plus, now the next sales rep or technician or customer service agent who works with this customer will have a wealth of information to provide the personalized service today’s customers demand.



Accurately track time and expenses

If technicians have to wait until they have internet access or, worse yet, until they get back to the office—that is billable time wasted. Give your technicians the ability to not only enter time and expenses offline, but they can also enter any time on the work order that isn’t billable so it is calculated separately. This helps managers track actual labor costs compared to the amount billed which gives you more insight and helps you improve processes, budgets and forecasts.


Ready to keep technicians and customers happy?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service offers all these offline mobile capabilities and so much more to help your business. From intelligent scheduling to customized analytics, learn how an integrated field service solution implemented by Western Computer can help your field service center succeed like never before.


Want to learn more? Watch our webinar to see Dynamics 365 Field Service in action and contact us today to speak with an expert. Put our 30+ years of experience to work for your business.

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