A powerful tool for companies that import or transport goods via containers

Container Transport System

A powerful tool for companies that import or transport goods via containers

The Container Transport System by Western Computer is an enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that allows you to track goods that you import or transport via containers. This Container Module provides an easy, accurate, real-time representation of your inventory that is still in transit from an embarking point to a destination point. 

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Western Computer’s Container Transport System uses a Transport Order to collect and define all the transport/ container data you need to track. The system consolidates items across purchase orders and aggregates them into a container for tracking purposes. The Transport Order is received into a transit location and then transferred from port to final destination. 

Everything you need in one easy-to-use system 

Receives FOB items into a transit location while container is “on the water”.

Applies item charges by volume and/or weight for accurate landed cost by item.

Charges can be applied while container is in transit, allowing for landed cost to be fully realized prior to sale.

Supports replenishment planning either with Dynamics NAV’s requisition worksheet or with Lanham Associates’ AFP.

Eliminates redundant data entry when transferring items from port to final destination.

Provides complete visibility to inventory valuation of items in containers.

Supports both domestic and international container transit scenarios.

Handles transfer of inventory ownership while “on the water”.

NEW - Transport Order Cost Allocation: Assigns default cost allocations to the Container Code, overrides defaults on Transport Order prior to posting, as well as Invoice reconciliations.

NEW - Drop Shipment: Delay the creation of a Transfer Order and ship items directly to the customer from the In-transit Container location.

NEW - Final Destination Transfers: Transfer Order lines can be assigned a final destination and Transfer Receive posting will create a Transfer Order from the receiving location to the final destination location.

NEW - Lot Number Reassignment: Reassigns lot number during transfer receipt.

NEW - Data Navigations: Passes data deeper in the ledgers including Item Ledger, Value Entry, G/L Entry and Reservations Entry. Adds ledger links on the Transport Order and adds transport lines to the navigate function.

Learn more about the Container Transport System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For over 30 years, Western Computer has designed and implemented business solutions that work well for a wide array of industries. Accounting Today has ranked Western Computer among the top 15 on their VAR 100 list for the third year in a row. 


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