Ignite Growth with a Comprehensive Solution

Wholesale Distributors: Ignite Growth with a Comprehensive Solution

Stand out from the crowd.

As a wholesale distributor, you are challenged with differentiating your business from your competition. Now you can expand the level of customer service you offer with a comprehensive sales and distribution solution from Western Computer.

Determine stock levels, drive supply planning, and proactively source, sell, and analyze your inventory to improve your bottom line.

Give your customers what they want.

• Your customers want to know what items you have to sell. Is it on hand or available to promise?

• Your customers want to know when they can expect their goods. If you import via containers, determine where your shipments are even when “on the water”. 

Relax, we've got you covered.

Is promotional pricing driving you crazy? Are rebates, royalties, and commissions causing headaches? No worries.

• Your customers want deals (Buy one, get one free, etc.), and you want deals from your vendors.

• Sometimes those deals are hard to handle for your back-office team. Western Computer's Trade Management tools make complex agreements a snap.

• Manage complex agreements with both customers and vendors using a rules-based approach for calculating prices and accruing future costs.

• Know the true margin of your sales including actual freight, insurance, and duty

• Track the ROI of your promotions and campaigns. Generate financial statements that reflect your future liabilities.

Impactful results that improve your bottom line.

For over 30 years, Western Computer has designed and implemented business solutions that work well for a wide array of industries. Over 140 resources across North America provide deep knowledge that is unmatched for Distribution, Manufacturing, Advanced Jobs, Rentals and many more. Accounting Today named Western Computer #15 of 100 of the most powerful Top Accounting Resellers in 2014.


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A powerful tool for companies that import or transport goods via containers

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