Toolbox Tuesday - Episode 2: Essentials Bundle for D365 Business Central

July 2, 2023

Check out our Business Central Toolbox for your Dashboarding and Automation Needs. Download our Apps Below - Free for 30 Days. Product Page: Company Website: Company LinkedIn: In our second Toolbox Tuesdays for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central our VP of Sales (Grant Horvath) and Founder (Ben Cole) do a deep dive into what you can expect to see in our essentials bundle. This includes 6 applications and is part of an extensive library of tools called the Business Central toolbox. In the demo we review our Financial and Sales Dashboards, History and Statistics, Invoice and Statement Delivery, Advanced Notifications, and Advanced Accounting Be sure to check out our Toolbox Tuesdays every other Tuesday where we will do deep dives into each of our products specifically. If you have any additional questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us at at any time. 0:00 Introduction and Overview 1:00 Financial Dashboard 6:25 Q&A - Dashboard Creation - Internal or External? 9:10 Sales Dashboard 12:45 History and Statistics (Customer View) 14:45 History and Statistics (Item View) 16:25 Invoice and Statement Delivery 20:20 Advanced Notifications 22:55 Advanced Accounting 24:35 Essentials Pricing 25:26 Business Central Toolbox 27:30 Contact Information

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Business Central Toolbox Overview
Business Central Toolbox Overview

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