Banking Automation Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

May 1, 2024

00:00 Start 01:08 1. Direct banking connectivity 03:39 2. Vendor payment processing 07:02 3. Bank reconciliation 11:02 4. Positive pay transmission Unleash Banking Automation with SKsoft's Solutions for Microsoft Business Central In the modern business world, efficient banking operations are essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Our suite of cutting-edge automation solutions, designed specifically for Microsoft Business Central, empowers you to streamline your banking processes and maximize productivity. Powered by BankFabric's cutting-edge technology, our solutions integrate seamlessly with any bank globally, providing a secure and seamless banking experience tailored to your unique needs. We pair connectivity with embedded automation where users can automate their bank reconciliation, vendor payment processing, and positive pay file transmission through our solutions.

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