Easy, One-Step Purchase Consolidation for Wine & Spirits Distributors

December 20, 2023 Tony Castellano

Managing multiple purchase orders manually, sometimes in different systems entirely, is a huge time drain for wine and spirits distributors. That’s why purchase consolidation in 365WineTrade is one of the best-loved features for our customers.

365WineTrade is our fully integrated, all-in-one cloud ERP solution for wine and spirits distributors designed to integrate, automate, and connect your business. And purchase consolidation is one of the many ways we do that.

Consolidate, Track, and Manage Multiple Imports in One Place
Most wine and spirits distributors want a fast and easy way to enter, track, and manage multiple purchase orders by country or supplier so you can quickly know what’s coming, where it’s going, when it was received, and what you can sell. And it shouldn’t take a thousand steps or a bunch of emails or paper documents to do it.

Whether you do direct imports to customers or import to 3PL warehouses—or both—365WineTrade purchase consolidations make it easy to group and manage any number of purchase orders in one place. 

  1. Enter basic details for your consolidation.

2. Add your purchase orders to the consolidation you just created. All purchase lines will be automatically added to the consolidation:

Purchase consolidation number

3. View consolidation totals for the import including number of cases, volume, and weight.

4. Set quantities to be received, for all purchase lines within the purchase consolidation screen, and post them. 

Purchase consolidation quantity to receive

Purchase consolidation post batch

5. Transactions flow and post seamlessly across 365WineTrade including purchasing and sales orders, AP and AR, and fulfillment – without any duplicate entry!

6. Once posted, you can access posted purchase consolidations separately from your current consolidations making it easier to view history and make corrections.

Save Time
Having all the information at your fingertips in seconds means no more shuffling between screens, systems, or paper to enter information, view details, track status, receive items, and ship orders.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Purchase consolidations give you a quick, at-a-glance portal you can access 24x7x365 on any device. Know when you will have inventory for your customers and when they call, you can very quickly give them the status of their order.

Ready to see how easy purchase consolidations are?
Let’s schedule a personal demonstration of 365WineTrade for your team where you can see purchase consolidations in action along with all the other powerful features helping wine and spirits distributors get to the next level.

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As Western Computer's VP of Sales, Tony oversees sales and business processes to ensure that the company's large customer base is supported.

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