Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips and Tricks: How to Quickly Correct Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices, and Other Transactions

April 2, 2024 Holly Armitage

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When working in Business Central, how many times have you said to yourself, “Oops! Did I do that?” If you’re like most users, this has happened a few times. I saw it frequently in my past life as a controller. 

Learning how to quickly make corrections to human errors in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud is top-of-mind for many people. This was demonstrated by the large audience that attended my presentation on this topic at Community Summit North America 2023, hosted by Dynamics Communities in Charlotte last October.  

During the presentation on How to Make Corrections in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, I covered what I like to call the three Neapolitan correction flavors:  

  • Cancel 
  • Correct 
  • Create Corrective Credit Memo  

These functions involve specific actions, such as canceling and correcting invoices as well as creating corrective credit memos. Another useful function is the Business Central Dimension Correction tool.  

The Cancel, Correct, and Create Corrective Credit Memo functions are used on purchase invoices and sales invoices. Cancel comes into play when you want to undo an invoice and start over. You can Correct when part of an invoice is valid but contains one or two mistakes.  

Create Corrective Credit Memo is handy with corrective credit memos for situations where the wrong invoice amount was keyed in—when you slipped a decimal. You might use this function when a received credit memo does not match the invoice total, or if the correction needs to be applied in January to a document in December, a period you already closed and tied with a bow. 

When you do make a mistake, these handy functions can keep things nonchalant, and you can now quickly fix these documents and move on.  

How to Make Corrections in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Screenshot Demos of Corrections in Action 

To see these pretty cool Cancel, Correct and Create Corrective Credit Memo functions in action, check out my on-demand webinar, which shows the information presented at the Community Summit. I focus on the purchasing side since I had to pick “one horse to ride” but the concepts are similar to the sales side. 

So let’s get to it…here’s a rundown of what you can learn from the screenshot demos—with instructions on where to make corrections for posted invoices and how to address several correction challenges:  

Filtering posted invoices to look at specific date ranges to identify where to make corrections. 

  • Canceling duplicate invoices. 
  • Viewing canceled invoices. 
  • Applying credit memos. 
  • Correcting a dollar amount on an invoice where the decimal is in the wrong place. 
  • Creating corrective credit memos. 
  • Reversing journal entries on the G/L Register page or Ledger Entries page.
  • Correcting journal entries through the Posted General Journal page. 

Another aspect I like and show in the demo is working with the Dimension Correction tool. This includes how to assign a new or change a Dimension to posted invoices and validate the Dimension changes.  

Working with Dimensions can sometimes be intimidating, but I think they’re fun. You can start using them at any time and apply them to past activity, such as a tracking the season when transactions occurred. 

To close the demo, I answered some of the questions from the audience, which included accounting professionals from many industries. You can watch the webinar to learn how to tell if a journal has been reversed, whether a transaction originated as a document or a journal, and how to make Dimension corrections in a prior period. If you have other questions to ask, just contact us today and we will be glad to respond. And here’s to hoping you avoid those “Oops” moments! 

To Learn More 

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Western Computer offers deep expertise across the Microsoft technology stack, particularly in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud. Our thought leaders can help you ensure your critical ERP application meets your business needs for today and beyond. For more information on how to make corrections in Business Central, or for help in designing, deploying or supporting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, contact Western Computer today

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