Business Central Reporting with Power BI: Fundamental & Advanced Training Courses

February 9, 2021 Amanda Sherry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable of providing you with an extraordinary amount of data for your business – but that data is only useful if it is in the format that you understand and is useful for making business decisions. Microsoft Power BI integrates seamlessly with Business Central for consolidated business intelligence and insight.

Western Computer’s Power BI Training courses are the fastest way to ensure your employees know how to maximize the value of your data and your technology investments.


Transform Data into Opportunity with Power BI

Whether your users are total beginners or already have some experience using Power BI, the full capabilities of this business analytics tool go far beyond basic business reports. That’s why Western Computer offers a hands-on Business Central Reporting with Power BI: Fundamentals course as well as Business Central Reporting with Power BI: Advanced.

Both courses are private, online training courses for 1-5 users with biweekly 90-minute sessions to give users time to consume and apply the skills they’re learning.

With benefits ranging from faster reporting to improved customer satisfaction, truly mastering Power BI can help your business make better decisions, increase operational efficiency, improve forecasting and planning, and help all levels of employees stay informed.


What You’ll Learn

Power BI Fundamentals Training

This course consists of 4 private sessions for 1-5 users from your business, during which you’ll learn Power BI best practices and how to:

  • Navigate and understand the basics of Power BI
  • Use Excel to populate test data
  • Extract data from Business Central into Power BI
  • Create data sets and use them to make reports and dashboards
  • Sort company data to find exactly what you need
  • Use Power BI Data Flows
  • Share, publish, and print the reports and dashboards you’ve created

Learn more about Business Central Reporting w/ Power BI: Fundamentals Training.

Power BI Fundamentals Training Course


Power BI Advanced Training

This course will help 1-5 of your users enhance their expertise with Power BI during six private, 90-minute online sessions. You’ll take a deep dive into the sophisticated capabilities of Power BI, such as:

  • Using Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile, DAX, and more
  • Connecting multiple cloud or on-premises data sources to Power BI
  • Building complex data models
  • Set row-level security and auditing to keep content secure and controlled
  • Creating interactive reports with Power Apps and Dataverse to create interactive reports
  • Linking to Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more in addition to Business Central
  • Create improved financial forecasts


Learn more about Business Central Reporting w/ Power BI: Advanced Training.

Power BI Advanced Training Course


Western Computer’s Teaching Philosophy

Here at Western Computer, our goal is always to empower our customers with the knowledge you need to be more confident and self-sufficient with your technology solutions so you can be successful long term. In order to gain the full benefits of Power BI, we’ll help your users understand not just how to create reports or track KPIs, but also the fundamental concepts needed to innovate, learn, and analyze data for better insight across your business.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about the training courses or more ways you can leverage D365 Business Central, Power Platform, or other Microsoft solutions, contact us today.

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