What’s New in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Wave 1

May 12, 2020 Melanie Philion

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Wave 1 has just been released with new enhancements, including omnichannel engagement that enables you to service your customers through social platforms and website chat. You’ll also enjoy scheduling enhancements that help your dispatchers get the most qualified and available techs to your customers. And then there is Microsoft’s integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and expanded insights with focused analytics and recommendations your agents will love.


What does this all mean for your business?

If you are a business owner or customer service manager, the big question is how does this help your business in the real world, right? Let's translate these enhancements into real business value.


1. Omnichannel Interaction

Omnichannel is a fancy word that means you can reach your customers or prospects wherever they are. If they are on your website, they could be prompted by a chat agent with questions to get them answers and/or support quickly. They could be on your Facebook page and instantly message you about your service, product or event. As people use multiple platforms and devices, it's important your company is present and engaged. Especially these days, when consumers head to the internet first to find the right product or the best deal. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with your customers in new ways.


2. IoT Device Integration

IoT (Internet of Things) enables you to connect almost any device and receive communications. In your house, that means dishwashers, vacuums, cars, thermostats and light switches just to name a few. For your business, you can connect commercial and industrial equipment like servers, pumps, industrial motors and so forth to proactively monitor and resolve issues, even without being on site.  


The IoT integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows you to connect IoT devices and equipment to your customer service platform. Whenever your equipment has an issue, you can be instantly alerted and fix the problem. When time is critical, IoT integration can be a major advantage for your business and your customers.


3. Capacity Scheduling

Good customer service means getting the right agent or tech to the right customer at the right time. Sometimes that means the first agent available, but it could also require specific expertise and qualifications. With D365 Customer Service capacity scheduling, you can quickly find and book the most available and qualified resource for the job. No need to do the hard lifting, the schedule board will help you search by characteristics, availability, region and other variables.


A schedule board provides a visual dashboard of your resource capacity and utilization. If your company offers maintenance contracts, or has specific projects with clients, you can bring your schedule board from Field Service and/or Project Service Automation under the same umbrella to unify and schedule all your resources in one spot.


4. AI and Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Service comes with an easy-to-read dashboard so, while your agents are working—entering customer information, creating tickets, communicating through multiple platforms—embedded AI takes all this information and delivers analytics and insights from your data.


In addition to the classic KPI Summary and views on new cases created, you can now also get customer sentiment. By having artificial intelligence reading your data, you will be able to know if your clients are happy or not and take proactive steps to ensure they are.


Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an excellent solution with an ongoing investment in enhancements. The solution is also very flexible and scalable, which means that you can customize it based on your specific customer service model and process—whether you have 2 users or 12,000. Contact us to learn more about D365 Customer Service or get support for these new enhancements.

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Melanie Philion

Melanie Philion joined Western Computer in 2019 as a Dynamics 365 Sales/CRM Implementation Specialist. Melanie brings eight years’ worth of project implementation and business solution development experience, playing a lead role to execute projects from start to finish. Melanie looks for simple solutions that will be a right balance between business requirements and user adoption.

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