How Western Computer Helps Biotech Companies Grow

July 21, 2020 Jeremy DeVries

Choosing a biotech ERP solution can be quite a challenge. How do you find scalable technology that fits your unique processes? And what if those processes are always changing and evolving? The answer is to focus your search on finding the right partner with years of experience and expertise taking biotech companies from startup to success—and beyond.


Your Process is Key

We hope you have a moment to get to know Western Computer and learn about our commitment to our biotech customers, and how we invest in your growth. For your industry, process is key.

Your partner must have a deep understanding of how to optimize and automate everything from managing pre-revenue funding to commercialization to FDA approval and ultimately going public with your innovation. In addition, your partner must also be able to align your technology to your processes and guide you on the best path for your journey. That comes with experience in your industry, and that is a big differentiator of our team.


Here are just a few ways Western Computer helps biotech companies grow:

Work with a dedicated team of internal, senior-level experts

When you work with us, we provide you with your own dedicated team of senior-level experts who speak your language and know your terminology from day one. We don’t outsource any part of your engagement or shuffle you around to the first available consultant. You are backed by resources who know your industry, your solutions and how to advise you to improve processes, accelerate growth and ensure you have the right tools for every stage of development.


Leverage our development and integration expertise for biotech solutions

We don’t just talk the talk. Helping your industry takes a passion and commitment to invest our time and resources to create solutions that make your technology more valuable. One way we do this for biotech companies is with our Microsoft Power BI content pack with reports designed just for your industry. The metrics that matter, the insights that drive strategic decisions, the visualized intelligence to get you to the next level—already taken care of for you.

Another advantage is our experience using the Microsoft Power Platform to build custom biotech applications and automations without the need for additional software. We’ve also integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 with multiple data sources and applications, including lab software, banks, payroll, ACH, EDI, and more giving you one platform to manage everything seamlessly.


Get a phased implementation that fits your growth strategy

Many biotech startups are not ready to go all in on ERP, and with us you don’t have to. We can fit Microsoft Dynamics 365 to many biotech processes out of the box, and then scale up and down through your stages of growth. You will be up and running faster and can start with a simplified dimensional financial structure to start tracking costs and securing funding immediately.

As you move through clinical trials, commercialization and FDA approval, your reporting and traceability requirements become more complex. You can depend on us for a practical, phased approach to step up your functionality and customizations on your terms so you aren’t stuck paying for a system and services all at once that you don’t really need yet.


Enjoy a lifelong partnership, not a one-off project

At Western Computer you get a partner for life. We don’t think of you as just a project or a one-time implementation. You deserve more than that and you should trust your partner to become as invested in your future as you are. We are a nationally recognized Microsoft partner for biotech companies and we want to empower you to be self-sufficient and make your technology the enabler, not us.

More perks of working with Western Computer:

  • Exclusive Life Sciences Services
  • Nationally managed Microsoft partner
  • 1,100+ successful implementations
  • 150+ experts nationwide
  • 30+ years in business
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers
  • Rapid-response support team


Would you like to learn more about our biotech solutions and services?

Let’s get started with a conversation. Tell us where you are today and your goals and we will talk through options and schedule you for a personal demonstration of our integrated biotech solutions. Contact us online or call us at any time.

About the Author

Jeremy DeVries

As Western Computer’s Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV Solution Architect and Project Manager, Jeremy DeVries brings over 12 years of experience.

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