How to Navigate the Workforce Evolution with ADP and Power BI

August 6, 2020 Ryan Pollyniak

At the beginning of 2020, many employers were trying to win the war on talent. Fast forward to today and those same businesses are battling an entirely different war. COVID-19 has changed everything about workforce planningCompanies are trying to manage furloughs, reduced hours, remote workers, compliance with government assistance programs, and so much more. It has added pressure to payroll and HR teams around the world. 

As you must prioritize managing shifts in your workforce right now, you’ve also got to plan for the future. While we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, 6 months from now, or a year from now—we can certainly give you the tools to make proactive, strategic decisions. 


Why Connected Insight is Key 

The key to making the right decisions not just for your workers, but for your business as a whole, is companywide visibility. And that’s a huge struggle right now for companies who have data scattered across financials, payroll, HR, projects, lots of spreadsheets, too many emails to count…you know the drill. Getting the information you need is hard enough. Making sense of it is even harder. 

Are you struggling to answer any of these questions? 

Do we have the right people in the right roles? 
How will a remote workforce impact productivity? 
Where can we save money without sacrificing employees? 
How are we doing as an employer compared to others in the industry? 
Are we paying our employees enough or facing an increase in turnover? 
When can we afford to bring back our furloughed employees? 
What changes do we need to make to attract the level of talent we need? 


Answers to these questions aren’t found in a spreadsheet, but Western Computer can get you all these answers and more. We specialize in building a fully integrated analytics platform including Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, ADP payroll and HR, and Power BI interactive reports. You also get predictive analytics, machine learning and AI embedded in your solution so you aren’t just looking at numbers, you are literally visualizing the impact of your decisions in real time. 


ADP Goes Beyond Payroll 

One of the reasons we are so proud to partner with ADP is their shared goal of empowering customers. Not just with data but with next-level tools and support that help companies understand their business and workforce on a deeper level. They don’t just help you get payroll out; they help you keep employees engaged, prevent turnover and make proactive decisions. 

In addition to their own valuable Storyboards and nearly 100 benchmark metrics, ADP integrates with Dynamics 365 and Power BI because they know that knowledge is power. The ability to include payroll and HR data in your decisions puts you at an advantage. 

Taking the Next Step 

Making informed decisions for the future of your people and your business is so much easier with an experienced partner by your side. For more than 30 years, Western Computer’s senior-level experts have helped customers navigate challenges and strategize solutions. It would be our honor to answer your questions and provide a personal demonstration of the many ways we can help. 

About the Author

Ryan Pollyniak

Ryan Pollyniak is Western Computer's Customer Success Manager for the Southeast region. Throughout his extensive Sales career, Ryan has worked closely with the executive teams of mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. His ability to analyze business processes and successfully execute software implementations has helped him to develop numerous positive relationships with his clients.

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