Free Webinar Shows How to Maximize the Potential of Dynamics 365 CE with Microsoft Copilot AI

February 3, 2024 Amanda Sherry

It’s been almost a year since Microsoft launched Copilot, and this artificial intelligence tool is elevating the value of Dynamics 365 solutions. These include the Customer Engagement suite—Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Field Service. If you’re looking to help your internal users as well as your customers and vendors engage more efficiently with your applications, Copilot could be the answer. 

Users who interface with Dynamics 365 CE applications can now get more relevant and smarter answers to their questions so they can quickly find what they’re looking for. With on-target data flowing faster, everyone can accelerate how fast products go out the door and how soon service calls get completed. 

Work More Efficiently and Create Incredible Customer Experiences  

To help your teams take advantage of Copilot, Western Computer has a free webinar on how AI—helps you to fully unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and up-level skillsets. This session covers the latest developments of how Copilot maximizes the potential of the Dynamics 365 CE suite.  

During the session, our Dynamics 365 expert and solution architect Kayla Rohde provides several how-to insights to empower your sales, customer service, and field service teams to work more efficiently and create incredible customer experiences: 

  • Automate sales and service processes 

  • Understand customer tendencies 

  • Streamline time-consuming tasks 

  • Capitalize on insights to determine best actions 

  • Lighten workloads to free up time 

  • Focus on the tasks that matter most 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how Copilot can revolutionize your Dynamics 365 CE experience — watch it now.  

Maximize Your Dynamics 365 Potential with Copilot

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Amanda Sherry

As Director of Marketing at Western Computer, Amanda Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge from her nine-year tenure in the Microsoft Dynamics space. A seasoned professional who has worked extensively on the partner side, Amanda offers insights into Microsoft Dynamics applications' transformative impact on businesses.

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