Effective Data Storage Management for Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform

July 2, 2024 Tom Northup

In today's data-driven world, efficient data storage management is crucial for businesses leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) and Power Platform. As data continues to grow exponentially, understanding and managing storage within the Dataverse can be challenging. Here at Western Computer, we offer insights and strategies to help you navigate these complexities effectively. 


Understanding Dataverse Storage 

The Dataverse is the underlying data platform for Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform, storing not just your data but also associated metadata and encryption. This means that simply deleting data does not always equate to freeing up an equivalent amount of storage space. For example, removing 10 MB of data may not free up 10 MB of storage due to these additional elements. 


Key Challenges in Storage Management 

One common issue is the practice of sharing records to circumvent security role limitations. While this can be useful, it often leads to increased storage consumption. To manage this effectively, it is important to understand and use the PrincipalObjectAccess (POA) table efficiently. 

Additionally, regular storage maintenance is essential, including monitoring storage usage and implementing strategies to manage data growth. 

Tips for Managing Storage in Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform 

  • Regularly Monitor Storage Usage: Keep an eye on your storage usage through the Power Platform Admin Center. Understanding your current storage consumption helps in planning and managing future needs. 

  • Implement a Data Archiving Process: Move old and less frequently accessed data to more cost-effective storage solutions like Azure Data Lake. This process can be automated using tools like Data Flows or Azure Synapse Link. 

  • Leverage Microsoft’s Best Practices: Follow Microsoft's guidelines for managing Dataverse storage, including their 15 tips for freeing up space. These include optimizing data retention policies, cleaning up unused environments, and reducing the size of your database. 

  • Utilize Data Flows for Data Movement: Microsoft Data Flows allow you to move data from the Dataverse to Azure Data Lake seamlessly. However, be aware that Data Flows do not handle Create, Update, and Delete operations. 

  • Configure Azure Synapse Link: This tool facilitates moving data to Azure Data Lake and also manages the deletion of data, although it requires additional setup for full functionality, including data cleanup. 

Comprehensive Storage Management Solutions 

There is no single solution for effective data storage management in Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform. It involves a combination of strategies and tools tailored to your specific needs. At Western Computer, we provide expert guidance and support to help you design and implement these solutions. 


Ready to Optimize Your Data Storage? 

Western Computer is here to help you navigate the complexities of data storage management. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in implementing these best practices and optimizing your data storage solutions. 


For more detailed information and to explore the resources mentioned, visit the following links: 


We are committed to ensuring your business runs smoothly with optimized data management solutions. Let's work together to make your data work for you. 


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