Dec 5: Trade Management for D365 Business Central Part 1: Sales Promotions & Rebates

November 12, 2019 Amanda Sherry

Are you looking to boost your Distribution Margins? 

Would a process offering flexible pricing schemes with no manual maintenance help to achieve this goal?

This webinar is Part One in a series of three that will cover many aspects of our innovative Trade Management functionality that can be fully integrated into your Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Join our senior solution architect, Telka Clem, who will focus this webinar on Sales Promotions and Rebates within Trade Management. This software will track the ROI of your promotions and campaigns and generate financial statements that reflect your future liabilities.  You will be able to report on Promotions & Rebates by Invoice, Customers, or Items allowing for better discount analytics.

Some of the topics explored in Part One of our Trade Management Series, Sales Promotions & Rebates webinar will include:

  • Plan specific to the Items or Item Categories using various Locations and/or Units of Measure
  • Choose Items by common Attributes or any field associated with the Item
  • Choose single or groupings of Customers to determine who will receive Promotions or Rebates
  • Offer Discounts or BOGOs (buy one - get one free) when planning Promotions
  • Calculate Rebates immediately on a Sales Order or accumulate for a Credit Memo back to Customer
  • Pay a different Customer for Rebates on Sales

Join us for this free webinar to explore these functionalities and more: 

Business Intelligence Create a Dashboard Watch a Demonstration

Define your own business rules

Defined Rebates are automatically accrued

Promotions with discounts & BOGOs

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