Automate the Prospect to Cash Process in Dynamics 365 Field Service

November 30, 2022 Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Learn How to Automate the Prospect to Cash Process in Dynamics 365 Field Service

For many businesses, managing the prospect to cash process can be manual, time-consuming, and full of errors and redundancy. But in Dynamics 365 Field Service, it is super easy, automated, and accurate! Thanks to seamless integrations and optimized workflows—you can streamline the entire process in the office and in the field.

See the Field Service Automations in Action!

Western Computer experts recently teamed up for an insightful webinar you can watch on-demand right now, How to Easily Manage the Full 360 Prospect to Cash Process with Dynamics 365 Field Service. See how these processes and automations work in Dynamics 365, walk through the field mobile experience, and explore the valuable insights and performance metrics captured along the way that will help you make more informed decisions for your business.


Powerful Features to Optimize Your Prospect to Cash Process in Dynamics 365


From the office to the field, Dynamics 365 Field Service is built to connect your data and processes from end to end. You will save time, minimize errors, and ensure accuracy from sales and quotes to inventory management and invoicing.


Learn how to:


  • Perform tasks with one click in Dynamics 365, including:
    • Convert leads to an account/contact/opportunity
    • Convert an opportunity to a work order
    • Convert a case to a work order
  • Allocate, track and maintain inventory levels in real time
  • Empower technicians with details and capabilities on mobile devices
  • Order parts, schedule follow ups, and quickly update work orders while on site
  • Automate invoicing to your customers
  • Eliminate manual processes and duplicate entry between CRM, ERP and Customer Service
  • Easily access existing history of work for customers and equipment
  • Gain insight into the profitability of work orders with out-of-the-box analytics, including:
    • Sales and revenue performance and trends
    • Top revenue by account and sales rep
    • Work order status, incidents, and performance metrics
    • Scheduling optimization


Your Customer and Service Experience is More Important Than Ever

Companies managing field services have an additional level of complexity when it comes to their customer experience. That’s why it’s critical to find ways to optimize these processes as much as possible so all your employees are equipped to deliver the most efficient and accurate experience.


An integrated Dynamics 365 solution can deliver fast returns on your investment and help you keep your office employees, field technicians, and customers happy. You will also gain impactful insights to guide your decisions and strategy for competing in a rapidly changing economy.


How can we help?


Do you have any questions about Dynamics 365 solutions? Would you like a personal demonstration of these process automations and analytics to see how they would impact your business? Contact us to speak with an expert and be sure to explore our valuable resources for field services.



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