Amazon: A Lucrative Market for Dynamics Customers

June 16, 2020 Greg Williams

If you use Microsoft Dynamics to run your business and process customer orders, you can quickly expand your sales channel simply by listing your products on Amazon. That’s where almost 50% of all e-commerce transactions in the United States take place.


Some Dynamics customers have dismissed Amazon, thinking that Amazon is a competitor. But Dynamics platforms can easily integrate with Amazon to actually give Dynamics users a great opportunity to market and sell their products to a much larger audience.


A Range of Relationship Options

Amazon offers a range of business relationships for fulfilling customer orders, giving you the flexibility to use the one that best suits your business model. These include, for example, orders coming into the Amazon website for which your company ships the products from your warehouse or a third-party logistics provider.


Through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, you can also arrange for Amazon to serve as your third-party logistics provider—where you ship a portion of your inventory to Amazon warehouses. When customers place orders, Amazon collects the payment, ships the order, and then pays you minus their commission. In this arrangement, you can also take orders directly on your website and then request the Amazon warehouse to handle the shipping.


All of these scenarios require APIs and integration with Amazon, and you will need to make some custom changes to your Dynamics configuration. Western Computers can provide experts who make the overall set up quick and easy. For further insights into these facets, check out our Complete Guide to Selling Products on Amazon for Microsoft Dynamics Customers.


The Complete Guide to Selling Products on Amazon


Cloud Platform Makes for an Easy Connection

Amazon is a sales strategy worth looking into because businesses that use Dynamics 365 already have a robust order-fulfillment system. They also have a technology platform that enables easy connections with outside systems like Amazon and others.


Western Computer offers the expertise to assist your company in taking advantage of these channels in a way that increases your sales volume without creating manual overhead. A great example is the omnichannel sector, one of our key focus areas. Several of our omnichannel clients who use Dynamics have formed profitable business relationships with Amazon.

Contact us today to find out how we can also help your company expand your market and achieve the same level of success.


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