Advantages of 365HomeBuilder for Multi-Entity and Multi-Family Builders

December 15, 2023

For many home builders, many ERP and accounting systems fall flat. They are built for general contractors or commercial builders and not for the unique needs of home builders. This is especially true for builders with multiple entities or companies and those that build multi-family properties. The limitations amongst systems vary, but the one thing they all have in common is requiring home builders to do a lot of manual imports, exports, calculations, and workarounds just to run the business.


Why 365HomeBuilder is Different

365HomeBuilder, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, isn’t just software. It’s a unified cloud platform built specifically for home builders. Whether you run a single company or multiple entities, build single-family homes or multi-family properties—we empower you with the flexibility to run your business the way you want to.


Multi-Entity, Multi-Company Management

If you are a multi-entity home builder using an entry-level accounting system like QuickBooks, you are probably very frustrated with lots of things.

Are you dealing with any of these headaches?

  • Buying separate licenses for each company
  • Logging in and out of each company to work
  • Creating a separate company to consolidate and roll up transactions
  • Manual imports and exports and syncing master records
  • Manual intercompany transactions
  • Manual allocations
  • Limited or multi-step exports to Excel
  • Securing access individually for each company

Imagine having this instead:

  • All companies managed in system and one database
  • Seamless intercompany transactions, due tos and due froms
  • Easy and flexible allocations across companies, departments, and lines of business
  • Automated data flow to reduce manual work and errors
  • Entity-level security to restrict access and protect your data
  • A single point of entry and version of the truth across all entities/companies
  • One-click export from GL to Excel

The time and cost savings with 365HomeBuilder is substantial, providing a solid return on your investment as compared to dated legacy systems or entry-level software.


Do you build multi-family properties?

This is another area where most general contractor financial software fails home builders. For example, when you build multi-family properties, most of your costs are tied up in the building itself. Finishing the individual units is a small percentage of your costs. Land development is often tracked manually in Excel or treated as a single-family home.

Other systems just don’t get it and can’t handle it. This is not an accurate, efficient, or effective way to run your business.

365HomeBuilder is designed to enter, manage, and track your costs how you really operate. We understand the many different variables and costs in home building from single-family homes to multi-family townhomes, condos, and apartments. You can define your cost codes the way you need to track them.


Additional Benefits of 365HomeBuilder Cloud ERP

Not only is your functionality optimized for home building, 365HomeBuilder is built on the Microsoft Cloud giving you a fully integrated, modern, mobile, and secure infrastructure for the future. Western Computer gives home builders a competitive edge with even more value, including:

  • Reduced implementation time and costs
  • Automatic software updates
  • Continuous innovation and enhancements
  • Home building expertise and best practices
  • Elite support and service

Home building software shouldn’t be so complicated, cumbersome, and costly. Let us help you get to the next level with the cloud solutions and personalized support you deserve. We speak your language so contact us today to discuss your goals and explore if 365HomeBuilder is a fit.

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