5 Reasons Biotech Startups Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scalability

June 26, 2020 Jeremy DeVries

Are you a biotech startup looking for technology that can support rapid growth? Scalability is a huge advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for biotech companies of all sizes, in any stage of development, but particularly for startups who want a flexible technology platform to build on.

Here are just a few reasons biotech startups choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.


1. Secure Microsoft Cloud

You probably know that cloud technologies provide the ultimate scalability. But not all cloud platforms are equal. Other important factors are security, compliance, privacy and reliability and you will be hard pressed to match Microsoft’s commitment to its customers. Spend just a few minutes on the Microsoft Trust Center site and you’ll see why companies choose the Microsoft Cloud. A cloud infrastructure provides your startup immediate benefits, including:


  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Business continuity
  • Cutting-edge security
  • Automatic updates by Microsoft
  • Seamless integrations
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24x7x365 access any time, from anywhere in the world
  • And much more


2. Flexible subscription licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides subscription-based licensing which enables you to quickly and easily scale your functionality and users. Biotech companies have a unique growth process which requires flexibility and agility. Whether you want all-in-one ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or more advanced functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, we can help you strategize the best path.


3. Out-of-the-box biotech process automation

You’ll be happy to know that we are able to automate many unique biotech processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without a bunch of customizations. Our expertise with biotech processes combined with the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 means we can get you up and running faster than many partners. Then, as your processes and financial needs grow in complexity, we can simply adapt your system to fit. When you do need special customizations, the Microsoft Power Platform is a major benefit that enables us (or you) to build custom solutions and automations in a fraction of the time without adding more software.


4. Unmatched integration capabilities

A major value-add of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Western Computer, is seamless integrations. Not only will you bring the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem under one house, you get an entire team of integration experts who know how to integrate your lab software and other third-party systems. AP automation is important to many biotech companies, and with Microsoft Dynamics 365 it’s easy to connect your banks, payroll, ACH and more.


5. Proactive planning and forecasting for growth

Scalability isn’t just about technology. To scale effectively, you need a plan. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power BI are a powerful combination giving you 360-degree visibility so you can forecast your growth trajectory. When you can track your progress from pre-revenue to post-market, it’s much easier to make data-driven decisions for your future and boost confidence for funding and grants.


Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 right for your biotech startup?

The most important step in choosing the right technology is actually choosing the right partner. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide a personal demonstration to your team so you can see Western Computer’s biotech solutions and why our phased, methodical implementation approach works so well. Schedule your demo today or contact us any time to talk further about your goals.



About the Author

Jeremy DeVries

As Western Computer’s Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV Solution Architect and Project Manager, Jeremy DeVries brings over 12 years of experience.

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