Why You’ll Value Our Customer Success Managers

October 30, 2019 Tony Castellano

We recently made a simple change in our business in response to a powerful idea: we renamed our Customer Account Managers to Customer Success Managers. The reason for this is fundamental to the way Western Computer operates. We believe our purpose isn’t to simply sell technology solutions, but rather to empower our customers to achieve long-term success.


The purpose of your business technology solutions is to help you meet your goals. The idea should be to make your business more independent and empowered – not just acquire more assets that create their own issues. That’s why here at Western Computer, we’re focused on helping customers get the best from their software, operate with self-sufficiency, and achieve their vision.


This approach requires knowing our customers and their businesses so we can anticipate their needs. Our Customer Success Managers are at the heart of this effort; we realized that our Customer Account Managers play such a key role in the success of our customers, it made sense to give them a title that reflects their true mission.


What do our Customer Success Managers do?

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is your first point of contact at Western Computer, and is there to ensure your needs are being met from the very beginning and throughout your partnership with us.



There is no one-size-fits-all approach to business technology solutions and processes. Before your Customer Success Manager can share information that will be the most relevant to your business, they will get to know your requirements in detail.


Our CSMs have the industry and technology expertise to provide suggestions for business solutions that will meet your unique needs.  They’ll educate your business decision-makers to decide what’s best by providing information including full product demonstrations and detailed proposals.



We also believe it’s critical to establish long-term engagement with technology users in your business. Our Customer Success Managers have a passion for problem-solving, a commitment to meeting with you on an ongoing basis, and a dedication to helping your employees be confident and self-sufficient. Your CSM will introduce you to new updates, enhancements, and innovations that will help your business thrive as technologies, and your needs, change.



Our Customer Success Managers have a proactive approach to ensure you’re receiving the highest level of support and services. Your CSM is the one who will introduce you to the Dynamics Communities User Group, Western Computer’s training programs, Microsoft Learn, our online resource portal, and more.


To keep you ahead of your competition, our Customer Success Managers attend conferences and other events to learn the latest news and advancements because innovation never stops, and neither does our own education.


Want to create your own success story?

Your business isn’t just buying technology – you want to make sure that technology helps you achieve your goals. Your Customer Success Manager is far more than a solutions expert, they’re an adviser with the ongoing responsibility to help your business continuously thrive. If you’d like to learn more about Western Computer’s approach to empowering our customers, contact us today.


About the Author

Tony Castellano

As Western Computer's Director of Sales, Tony oversees sales and business processes to ensure that the company's large customer base is supported and serviced in the most professional manner possible. Tony has personally been involved in over 100 system implementations, and he is proud of his team's long-term relationships with Dynamics clients.

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