Why Our New Customer Success Manager is Excited About Dynamics 365

Note from Western Computer: Our commitment to our customers grows as we welcome a new Customer Success Manager to the team. Cady Jackson has 12 years of experience in the Dynamics channel and is based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We asked Cady to share her background and some thoughts on how she hopes to help our customers succeed and what she looks forward to most in her new role with Western Computer.

“Joining the Western Computer team as a Customer Success Manager is very exciting for me. It’s a wonderful chance to help customers explore the new opportunities and tools available to them with Dynamics 365.”

“I’ve been in the Dynamics channel for about 12 years, most recently as an Account Manager focused on GP (formerly Great Plains) and Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) solutions. My goal is to educate and empower our customers throughout their journey to success—ensuring needs are met all along the way from finding the best solutions to facilitating training to providing ongoing support.

Opening New Doors for Growing Businesses

The thing I am most passionate about is learning about the people behind the businesses we help. How can I help them work faster? What do they need to be self-sufficient with their systems? Which solutions will help them in their specific roles and help the organization as a whole?

With the investments Microsoft has made, and continues to make, in Dynamics 365 and the investment Western Computer makes in its employees and customers, I have everything I need to set our customers up for success.  

The 4 Pillars of Dynamics 365

So why am I so excited about Dynamics 365? Many reasons, but I love seeing how it is opening new doors for businesses with functionality that were unattainable even a few years ago. The advancements in technology, the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure, the ability to build a solution specifically around the needs of the business—it’s revolutionary and it’s great to be part of it.

There are four major pillars of Dynamics 365 that make it especially beneficial for growing businesses whether they are upgrading their existing Dynamics ERP or exploring ERP for the first time.

1. Technology

Microsoft is investing heavily in technologies that help us take companies into the future. In addition to core functionality like finance, supply chain management, sales and marketing—we can bring advanced features like artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics to SMBs that couldn’t have imagined those capabilities before. That’s enabling us take businesses to the next level.

2. Mobility

D365 is designed for mobility because a lot of business is done outside the office today. You can access your system, applications and data just easily from a smartphone as a desktop in the office, anywhere in the world. We can help business leaders not only dramatically increase productivity and collaboration, but create the modern workplace and flexible environment employees appreciate.

3. Integrations

This is where Microsoft always outshines the competition. Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with its own applications, third-party applications, Office 365 and Outlook, the Power Platform and more. This gives us the ability to build complete, end-to-end business solutions for our customers like never before.  

4. Reporting

Every business depends on reporting to strategize growth and make good decisions. One of the most transformative things about D365, particularly for customers coming from Dynamics GP or even QuickBooks, is the enhanced reporting and deeper insight. Whether you choose D365 Finance or D365 Business Central, you also get powerful integration with Power BI. Instead of spreadsheets, insight is now very visualized and centralized with the ability to slice and dice data in multiple ways. That’s game-changing for many of our customers and it’s really rewarding to be able to provide that.

In Closing

Thank you to my Western Computer colleagues for the warm welcome and I hope to build on our mission to Educate, Engage and Empower every customer I have the pleasure of working with. If you’d like to talk about Dynamics 365 with me or my fellow Customer Success Managers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author

Cady Jackson

Cady Jackson is a Digital Transformation Executive. Based in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Cady brings over 14 years of experience.

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