How to Navigate D365 Business Central Using the Role Explorer

December 17, 2019 Tammy Radecke

How do you find functionality in Business Central, both within your Role Center and outside it? One easy way to access the features you want is to use the Role Explorer feature. With Role Explorer, you can navigate to whatever features are needed by expanding and collapsing different roles. Simply click on an element in the Role Explorer to open the corresponding page. This applies to both Business Central web client and on-prem.


Opening the Role Explorer

From the Role Center or any list page, click the menu   button on the right of the navigation bar, or simply press Shift + F12.

Alternatively, you can access Role Explorer from the  button, which opens the Tell Me window. Tell Me can also be accessed using Alt+Q as a keyboard shortcut. Once you’ve opened Tell Me, just choose the Exploring action at the bottom.


Using the Role Explorer to Find Features

Once you’ve opened the Role Explorer page, you can easily find business features and functionality for your Role and any others. To see everything, start by choosing the Explore All action within the Role Explorer. This is similar to the old “departments” menu structure which may be familiar to some users.

You’ll see overview nodes that are organized by the application areas and features within Business Central. Each of these nodes can be expanded or collapsed individually, or you can expand or collapse all nodes at the same time.

To expand/collapse an individual node, simply select it. This works for both top-level nodes and sub nodes.

For the complete instructions and notes from Microsoft, visit Finding Pages with the Role Explorer.


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