The Benefits of Using Wine Distribution Software

July 12, 2023 Amanda Sherry

The Benefits of Using Wine Distribution Software

Wine distributors and wineries have complex operations, and manual methods of tracking inventory and financials no longer support that complexity. Pricing, taxes, reporting, allocation, and more require huge investments of time and money if done manually in spreadsheets—not to mention this method leaves room for error. 

That’s why modern wine distributors and wineries are turning to wine distribution software—an intuitive technology built to simplify and improve wine business operations. Read on to get a deep dive into what the software is and how it specifically optimizes operations for the wine industry. 

What Is Wine Distributor Software? 

Wine distributor software is a technology solution that wine distributors and wineries can implement to automate many of the manual processes that hinder business growth. While wine distribution software can be both in the cloud and on-premise, 365WineTrade is specifically a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Wine Distribution Software? 

There are six main benefits of using the software for wine distributors and wineries. 


Wine distribution software gives you real-time visibility into your inventory and your entire business so you can make smarter decisions about purchasing with the most up-to-date information. You can also leverage one-step purchase consolidation to easily manage multiple purchase orders by country or supplier so you have an accurate picture of what is on containers, where inventory is moving, and when you’ll be able to sell it. 


Wine distributors and wineries use this software to gain full traceability of all their transactions. All chargebacks and changes can be automatically applied to the correct orders, invoices, customers, and suppliers. 


Wine distribution software like 365WineTrade delivers multi-warehouse inventory management capabilities. No matter where your inventory is located—in multiple warehouses or spread among warehouses, ports, and containers—you can clearly see your inventory as a whole and view what is available to sell.  


You can automate multiple business processes with wine distributor software. Take the manual time and effort out of work including keeping your state licenses up to date, calculating tax rates for states, tracking true costs, and more. 


In today’s digital world, wineries and wine distributors process sales across multiple channels. Whether through an ecommerce platform, email, in person, or other, sales can be consolidated in your wine distribution software so you have one centralized hub for all orders. The technology can also distinguish among multiple sales order types so—in the case of a sales representative ordering a sample, for example—you can process that inventory in your warehouse, but it will be accounted for as a sample. 

The right software should help you improve direct-to-consumer operations by integrating with your existing solution to better manage sales, wine club memberships, and more. It should also support your sales and profit analysis efforts and your ability to process sales through mobile apps. 

Finance and Reporting 

Wine distribution software offers enterprise financial management and advanced business intelligence—giving you a high-level view of your financials in addition to the ability to dig down into granular data. 365WineTrade offers out-of-the-box Power BI reports for wineries and wine distributors so you can generate reports for multiple categories. With real-time visibility into your inventory and sales, you’ll make smarter financial decisions. You’ll also speed up reporting and improve its accuracy no matter how many states you do business in. 

Explore Our Wine Distribution Software Features, and Experience the Benefits 

Western Computer has applied 30 years of our distribution experience to tailor our wine distribution software, 365WineTrade, to the wine industry. We help wine distributors and wineries simplify and optimize their operations—from tax calculations to data security to credit management and everything in between. Get in touch with Western Computer today to learn more about 365WineTrade’s features and get a free demo. 

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