Alleviate the Complexity of Generating ERP Insights: Introducing Jet Analytics Cloud

May 19, 2023 Greg Williams

As your business contends with market unpredictability, accessing real-time accurate data on company performance is critical. Only then can you make strategic decisions and set reachable goals to generate more revenue, decrease operational costs, and improve workflow efficiencies.   

Many leaders have found the answer by turning to Jet Analytics Cloud from insightsoftware, a Western Computer partner. The solution offers data preparation, automation, and modeling that leverages the Microsoft Azure public cloud to accelerate business intelligence projects.  

Purpose-built for Dynamics 365 customers, the insights you generate come with a lower total cost of ownership than on-premises implementations while delivering several benefits:  

  • Ensures data security and integrity  
  • Streamlines Power BI development 
  • Harnesses multiple data sources for fast, reliable reports  
  • Enables self-service analytics 
  • Future proofs reports 

Microsoft also automates continuous monitoring to ensure you always have reliable access to your data.  

To find out more, check out this insightsoftware webinar for a Jet Analytics Cloud overview, a solution demo, and a rundown of the architecture.

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Greg Williams

As Western Computer's VP of Strategy, Greg Williams is responsible for aligning the company's product and service offerings with the specific needs of its customers. Greg's 20+ years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries allows him to identify current solutions that will help companies implement the right technology for long-term growth, profitability and security.

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