How Home Builders Estimate Accurately with 365HomeBuilder and Pipeline

May 5, 2021 Ryan Pollyniak

Figuring out what materials to keep in inventory can be a problem for many home builders who are often dealing with limited—and expensive—storage space, as well as the need to have products available in particular phases of construction. There's also the issue of static estimation, which can lead to inaccurate projections and lost jobs and profits because true pricing was not available.


The Power of Real-time Dynamic Estimations for Home Builders

With Western Computer’s 365HomeBuilder and Strong-Tie's Pipeline Cloud Estimating Software, you get real-time dynamic estimating, enabling just-in-time inventory control and planning. The Cloud Estimating Module allows one to import building information modeling (BIM) data into a full bill of materials (BOM).

The user is able to take advantage of a dynamic assembly/estimation process. You can see what costs will be, then track back to the design phase to alter materials or designs and see how those changes affect pricing—instantly.

Also, instead of the confusing process of working from multiple spreadsheet files to pull figures, the user works from the same file that's integrated into the system. This creates a centralized data hub that features the client's estimation logic and algorithms. At the end of the process, the Purchasing Module creates accurate purchase orders using the latest job estimates.

The flexibility of the system allows you to see option-on-option scenarios clearly and with accurate pricing, which is critical in the planning phase. Option changes are captured for site-specific purchasing and back-office documentation and options can be managed for all assets relating to houses, communities and lots.


Ready to deliver more accurate estimates?

The partnership of two of the biggest names in home building software solutions, Western Computer and Simpson Strong-Tie, can transform your business in exciting ways. Contact us today for a personal demonstration to see how we have optimized home building so you can maximize profit.

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