Integrations Between Your D365 Platform & Other Microsoft Solutions

May 1, 2024 Cady Jackson

It’s important to know whether the accounting software you choose will play nicely with others, especially if you have more complex business needs. Is there a community of third-party providers available to digitally connect every part of your finances? Does your software have any sort of native access or integration with key tools you’ll need, such as data export? Knowing the capabilities and limitations of the software you’re evaluating up front is invaluable. 

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with the ability to connect to a whole stack of Microsoft applications, such as Power BI, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and more.  

These integrations are valuable for any size organization and are lightweight, able to be easily accomplished using integrators and add-ons. They allow your organization to provide a single view of your customers, streamline processes, and improve your IT infrastructure. 

Here are just a few of the useful platforms that integrate with your Dynamics 365 system. 

Microsoft 365 

Integrating with Microsoft 365 will improve your day-to-day operations, leading to greater efficiency and team collaboration. By integrating your D365 system with Microsoft 365, you can:  

  • Improve your document management  
  • Integrate emails from suppliers and customers  
  • Track notes for leads and opportunities  
  • Create leads directly from email 
  • Change and quickly analyze data  

Power BI 

An integration between Power BI and Dynamics 365 provides better data accessibility, as Power BI automatically refreshes data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in real-time. Here are a few more benefits of the integration: 

  • Explore data more easily and create reports over large volumes of data 
  • Access to interactive dashboards and charts  
  • Modify or extend ready-made data reports  
  • Export and visualize data from D365 into Excel  


If you need quick and easy access to share and manage documents, integrating your D365 solution with SharePoint is a great option. When you use SharePoint with Dynamics 365, you can: 

  • Easily store, search and share information across the organization 
  • Provide secure access to documents and information 
  • Create, upload, view, and work with D365 record documents stored in SharePoint  
  • Track document data, such as version history and alterations  
  • Enable non-Dynamics 365 users (with permissions) to access applicable documents 


If your business uses Outlook as an email provider, integrating it with D365 can extend the value of both your products. With a Dynamics 365 and Outlook integration you can: 

  • Automatically link Outlook emails to associated Dynamics 365 records, including contacts and opportunities 
  • Create activity lists for email responses and automatically schedule them as tasks 
  • Access all Dynamics 365 functions in the Outlook interface, open them from any Outlook email and manage all communications with ease 

While there are even more integrations available for D365 products, including Exchange, OneNote, CRM, and more – these are a few of the basics. The native connection between these apps allows your business to work smarter, boost productivity and creativity, and stay connected. In addition, each of these solutions comes with varying artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, such as predictive insights and intelligent workflows. These solutions, especially when working together, will help your business gain a competitive edge and build your future faster. 

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