365WineTrade Simplifies Inventory Allocations for Wine Suppliers

September 21, 2023 Tony Castellano

365WineTrade is a powerful and complete cloud-based ERP solution for wine & spirits distributors, wineries, importers, and other wine & spirits companies.  A great feature 365WineTrade solves is allocations. From an accounting standpoint how the industry handles allocations and reservations are unique – and that’s an area that sets us apart from the competition. 

How does 365WineTrade help wine suppliers with allocations and reservations?

Strategic Allocations = Higher Margins

As a winery or a distributor you want to sell your wines at locations where you can get the best representation and sell through for your brand.  Long-range planning is all about figuring out production levels and allocation to the specific markets and channels that will help you hit your goals. Whether selling DTC, to U.S. distributors and wholesalers, by the glass programs, on premise vs. off premise internationally, or allocating wine for your wine clubs, —allocations and reservations must be flexible, easy, and strategic for each channel.

Allocations by Channel

In 365WineTrade, you can group allocations by channels –  Country, State, sales region, pricing group, distributors, salespeople, by brand or vintage, specific customer and more.

Allocations by Contract

Set up and manage yearly contracts for national on-premise or off-premise accounts and depletion allowances.


Whether you use 365WineTrade’s built-in allocation functionality or a Pricing Management System ,  which we can integrate with  to ensure your Finance and Sales organizations have complete visibility into your allocations in one spot – real time. Track where negotiated sales agreements are being met or where focus is needed.   

Flexible Allocations with Full Control

Situations will arise when wine inventory needs to be re-allocated quickly. 365WineTrade is flexible enough to set it up how you want it while maintaining full control of your allocation and reservation processes.

The Power of Automation

When you have antiquated legacy systems in place it often requires manual processes to maintain spreadsheets or external data sources. With 365WineTrade API integrations, you can automate processes and the connection of data across your systems so you have a 360-degree of your business, your inventory, your financials, and more—in one place.

Real-Time Business and Financial Insights

With our exclusive 365WineTrade Power BI Content Pack, you get several pre-built visual reports included to help you track performance across the organization. This is an extremely valuable part of 365WineTrade and really wows our customers.

Just take a look at all the insights you get and dive into the interactive dashboards.

  • Sales
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Analysis by Dimension
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Statements

Wish allocations were accurate and painless?

Just get in touch with our wine industry experts for a personal demonstration of how easy we make inventory allocations and a whole lot more.

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As Western Computer's VP of Sales, Tony oversees sales and business processes to ensure that the company's large customer base is supported.

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