Wine ERP Software: Why You Should Build on the Microsoft Stack

When you’re a growing wine distributor or wine producer, moving to a cloud-based wine ERP solution can be both exciting and stressful. Many of our 365WineTrade customers came to us using a variety of applications and systems that didn’t talk to each other. This creates huge barriers such as data silos, lack of visibility, and a whole lot of manual work.

When you are looking at cloud ERP systems, integration is an important conversation to have with your potential vendors and partners. If you are already using the Microsoft stack—Microsoft 365, Sales, Word, Outlook, Excel, Power BI, Teams, etc.—then it’s important your ERP solution connects seamlessly to all these applications, as well as any of your specialized wine industry applications. If not, you should plan a hefty budget for  customizations and integrations that still may not work right or break when you update or upgrade your ERP system.

Why Choose Wine ERP Powered by the Microsoft Cloud

Though you have a handful of choices for wine ERP systems, there are big advantages to choosing a solution like 365WineTrade built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and powered by the Microsoft Cloud.

Seamless Integration with Your Microsoft Stack

Already using Microsoft 365 applications? 365WineTrade integrates seamlessly on day one. We have already built optimizations and workflows to streamline your work and leverage your Microsoft software. Everything is connected—your data, your people, your systems, your processes—so you can run your business on a unified cloud platform from any device or location.  

Place Orders from Microsoft Outlook

Who doesn’t use Outlook? Let’s look at how easy an order is with 365WineTrade because your ERP data is connected to Outlook.

  1. Receive an email from a customer to order 10 cases of wine.
  2. Outlook recognizes this customer in your database and brings their data into Outlook—sales order history, outstanding balances, credit status, etc.
  3. Microsoft AI engine reads the email to see if there is a matching item in the system and automatically pulls it into a sales order.
  4. You can review/adjust anything, create a sales order and send it to the ERP in one click, and your customer automatically gets an order confirmation.

This all happens in Outlook—no juggling between systems or windows. How much time would this save you on checking inventory and customer status, manually creating an order, emailing your customer, and all the other steps it usually takes just to create one order?

Effortless Insights with Microsoft Excel and Power BI

Almost every business uses Excel in some capacity from creating basic spreadsheets to super complex calculations and reporting. With 365WineTrade’s native Microsoft integration, your ERP/CRM data is instantly available in Excel so you don’t have to manually enter anything.

Another advantage you get with 365WineTrade you won’t get with any other wine ERP solution is our  exclusive Power BI content pack. We built and optimized numerous financial and operational reports for the wine industry. You can start visualizing your data in real time, right away. If you haven’t seen how amazingly different reporting is with Power BI, go check out our interactive 365WineTrade Power BI content pack reports right now.

Collaborate on Documents and Projects in Teams

With native integration to Microsoft Teams, 365WineTrade makes it even easier to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and vendors. Access items, documents, and SharePoint lists and sites right within Teams so you can work together in real time.

Automatic Updates

Because 365WineTrade is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Microsoft Cloud, you also get automatic updates and enhancements. This means you will always be on the latest and greatest version, and you will never have to endure a painful and costly software upgrade.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of 36WineTrade’s native integration with the Microsoft applications you know and use every day. Not only will you improve data integrity with a centralized, accurate database—productivity increases by eliminating the time and effort to enter data in multiple systems.

Third-Party Wine Industry Integrations

While the seamless integration with the Microsoft stack is impressive and important—you likely have a need to integrate with one or many common wine industry systems and platforms. 365WineTrade has many of these integrations ready to go, including:

  • 3PLs like Western Carriers
  • Freight Forwarders like Hillebrand and Gori
  • eCommerce and PIM systems like SevenFifty, and Dynamicweb
  • State Liquor Authorities (SLAs)
  • Sales and Beverage Tax systems
  • DTC/POS systems like Commerce7
  • Wine production software such as InnoVint

Specialized Integration Expertise

365WineTrade is supported by Western Computer, meaning you also have a nationwide team of industry and integrations experts supporting you. We are constantly adding new integrations to 365WineTrade and, if you need a custom integration, this is the team that knows how to do it.  

If you are looking at a fully integrated, all-in-one cloud ERP solution for your wine business, let’s see if 365WineTrade is the right fit. Contact us to start the conversation or schedule a personal demonstration today.

About the Author

Tony Castellano

As Western Computer's VP of Sales, Tony oversees sales and business processes to ensure that the company's large customer base is supported.

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