What Are Your Dynamics CRM Upgrade Options and Strategies?

October 21, 2020 Greg Williams

Has your version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM become outdated or at the end of support? Is it starting to hold your business back? It might be time to consider an upgrade but, before you do, we have some CRM upgrade options and strategies to share with you.

We have a helpful white paper you can read, Strategies for Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, and a quick overview below.

Strategies for Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365

In addition, our Dynamics experts provided an educational webinar on CRM upgrade strategies you can watch on-demand right now.


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Strategies for Upgrading Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365


Most important—if it all gets confusing or overwhelming, please know the Western Computer team is here to help you understand all your options and determine the best upgrade path for your situation.


Here’s the big picture summary of what to think about before upgrading your Dynamics CRM solution:

Your Current Deployment

What does your current CRM deployment look like? Are you happy with how it was implemented? Is it functioning reasonably well for your organization? Does it include lots of customizations or integrations? Is the security adequate for your needs? Is your hardware in need of an upgrade?

Evaluating exactly where you’re starting from is a critical first step before determining how you want to move forward. Systematically analyze your current system and processes, and document your goals for a new or improved solution.


Upgrade vs. New Start

Does your business just need a newer version of CRM with some enhanced functionality, or do you need to fundamentally redesign your processes? If your current CRM more or less works for you and the processes are effective, you can consider opting for a step-by-step upgrade to a newer version of CRM. If your current deployment includes processes that just aren’t adequate, your security roles have changed, or your last implementation didn’t follow best practices, a New Start may be your best option.


CRM Deployment Options: On-Premises vs. Microsoft Cloud (or Hybrid)

Where do you want your new version of CRM to be deployed? Hosting in the Microsoft Cloud offers a lot of benefits including more functionality, best-in-class security, automatic updates and disaster recovery, reduced upfront investment, and more. However, if your organization’s security requires completely controlling and managing your database, you’ll need to choose an on-premises or hybrid (partner-hosted) deployment.


Licensing Requirements

Do you want to pay up-front for licensing, or a predictable monthly fee based on a subscription model? This decision will be affected by how many users you have, whether you anticipate fluctuations in the number or type of users, and what sort of deployment environment will work best for your needs.


Project Timeline

How soon do you need your new CRM to be up and running? When will you be able to dedicate resources to a software project? Upgrades often take less time than a New Start, so if you need a rapid turnaround, you may need to opt for a step-by-step upgrade to a newer version of CRM.


Want to discuss your options for upgrading Dynamics CRM?

This is just a very short summary of what sort of things you’ll want to think about when upgrading or choosing a New Start implementation. If you’d like more information about each of these items, including details about what functionality you’ll get for an on-premises or cloud deployment, our white paper and webinar will help you get started. And our experts are standing by to answer your questions, assess your current systems, and build a practical roadmap to take you forward. Contact us today.

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