Customer Success Story: American Ring

When American Ring committed to taking their customer service to an even higher level, this manufacturing company deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and selected Western Computer as their trusted implementation partner.

American Ring knew that having in-stock product available and fast, on-time delivery to customers were critical requirements they needed to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. They also knew that their ten-year-old ERP platform was not going to help them make this vision a reality.

The company worked with Western Computer to upgrade to NAV 2015 and they have achieved impressive results in a short time.

In finance, they have generated high productivity gains in Accounts Receivable with automated billing saving 8 hours a day and KPI reporting that has reduced their average days past due to 1.7 days with less than 1% of Receivables at 90 days past due.

Operationally, American Ring has improved on-time delivery to 99% across three distribution centers as well as adding direct shipping service from their manufacturing locations. These improvements have improved receiving accuracy to 99.8% and improved productivity in the shipping department by 16 hours per day.

Finally, for inventory and purchasing, stock held in inventory over 120 days has been reduced to 10% and they are now able to carry three months stock on all active parts consistently.

All of these improvements from inventory to on-time shipping are creating that competitive advantage that American Ring was looking to achieve. Western Computer provided ongoing strategic advice that empowered the company to, not only complete the upgrade to NAV 2015 successfully but also to minimize costly customizations that would make future updates and business agility difficult.

"Dynamics NAV is our lifeblood," said Bridget Berner, of Material Management at American Ring. "We knew we were about to make a significant CAPEX investment in upgrading Dynamics NAV. Before making this investment, we wanted to make sure we invested with the right implementation partner. We chose Western Computer for all their deep expertise across both industry and functional areas."

About American Ring

American Ring manufactures and supplies retaining rings, snap rings, and Belleville disc springs. They are a family company committed to quality and service, providing their customers with true solutions. American Ring prides themselves on delivering service unmatched in the industry, taking their business personally, and always trying to ask the right questions. Learn more about American Ring here.

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