Cloud Home Builder Software for Phased Building

Are you a California-based builder trying to manage phased building with generic software or, even worse, manually with a bunch of spreadsheets? Have you been looking for one solution that can handle phased building projects and accounting from end to end but coming up empty handed? You’re not alone and this article might just change your life. At the very least it’s going to give you hope.

Because phased building is such a regional approach to home building, many software companies simply don’t invest in optimizing their solution for it. You’re forced to juggle different tools, create manual spreadsheets and reports, enter redundant information from your vendors and subcontractors—you know the drill. It’s time consuming and just getting your real numbers can be super challenging.


The Software Solution for Phased Building

Are you wanting to move to a modern, flexible cloud environment to run your business but feel trapped in your current home building software? With 365HomeBuilder by Western Computer and our industry partners, we offer an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for all types of building—including phased building.

From phased purchasing and project management to sophisticated job costing, financial management and reporting, it is already optimized to handle the unique processes and requirements for phased building. You get literally everything you need to manage your business in one powerful, yet easy to use, cloud platform, including:

1. Flexibility

The problem with most software designed for home building is that they are designed for the traditional residential model of one plan for one lot. In phased building, you need the flexibility to group, assign, track, manage, award contracts, and price different plans and lots in a variety of ways. Our solution allows you the freedom to create your community your way.


2. End-to-End Cloud Building Solution

The cloud offers many advantages you need to compete today. From anytime, anywhere remote access to world-class security, connected systems and data, automatic software updates and business continuity, and easy, affordable subscription pricing—the cloud is where business happens today. Now you have a fully cloud-based phased building solution that consolidates everything in one spot—sales, purchasing, scheduling, accounting, reporting, and more. It’s time to eliminate the costs and burdens of buying and maintaining separate on-premises systems and hardware.


3. Trade and Supplier Portal

Included is a trade and supplier portal where your partners can log in and securely enter pricing into the system and track invoices, progress, and more. This is beneficial for all saving a ton of time and duplicate entry. As projects progress, the system can automatically create invoices with no redundant effort on your part.


4. Real-time Job Costing and Insights

Because our solution includes all your project and financial management data in a centralized database, you have a wealth of consolidated insights at your fingertips. See how far along you are in a project, your true costs, your bank draws—in real time. Get the drilled down details and the big picture without creating a single spreadsheet.


5. Phased Purchasing and Scheduling

With a fully integrated solution, your construction managers can track POs, schedules, and progress in real time from any device. See where you are within each phase and lot, and overall, to proactively prevent delays and problems.


Ready to learn more?

There are so many advantages to our fully integrated, cloud-based solution for phased building we simply can’t fit them all into one article. Get in touch for a conversation or to schedule a personal demonstration and see how we are transforming the future of home building.

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