Microsoft Dynamics 365: ERP for Equipment Rental Firms

January 8, 2020 Carrie Saunders

The equipment rental business has changed dramatically in recent years. Some of the factors driving that change are innovative technology and educated and demanding customers, not to mention the whole concept of DIY (Do It Yourself). Equipment rental companies now think in terms of omni-channel retail in additional to their commercial sales.

So, what makes for good equipment rental ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software?

One of the biggest boosts to the equipment rental industry has been the advent of Cloud-based ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Rental firms can now connect with their customers 24/7. Inventory, options, and specifications are available in real-time. Mobile connectivity means that business can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

Equipment rental companies need reliable software that can handle complex, industry-specific financial and operational demands.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers advantages


Rental companies are increasingly investing in information technology to streamline and control their processes and deliver better, faster service to customers. The right financial and operational software will help ensure that companies can meet their objectives. Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you map functionality to your specific needs and deploy efficiently. It even lets you standardize custom training for IT and end-users. Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you connect your rental processes with cross-departmental functions such as contract management, customer service, electronic invoicing, and more.


Equipment rental companies are constantly changing with their industry. They need an ERP solution that can adapt to change. And no matter how strong the asset management or quote-to-invoice features, today’s rental software needs to be flexible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to keep up with market trends such as mobility and the shift to online buying and selling.  With the flexibility of cloud-based Dynamics 365, you can deepen third-party collaborations, expand rental options, offerings, or locations, and react proactively to changes in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to make changes without disrupting your business, and it will scale and grow as your business requirements change.


Equipment rental companies deal with high volumes of sensitive information. You and your customers need to be assured that all of your data is protected. Microsoft Dynamics 365 rates highly for role-tailored security while at the same time allowing for the free and easy flow of necessary information. As a cloud-based ERP, Dynamics 365 allows you all the protection provided by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Cloud providers have the resources to focus on security much more than an individual company with a limited IT department can. A Cloud provider that focuses on these issues every day is going to be far more effective than your in-house IT staff.

If yours is an equipment rental firm and you’re ready to make the move to a modern, cloud-based ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact our experts at Western Computer and let’s talk about how to make it happen.

About the Author

Carrie Saunders

Carrie Saunders, Western Computer’s Business Development Executive, has over a decade of corporate sales experience. Carrie strives to be a thought leader regarding Microsoft Dynamics products so she can help her clients to implement the best possible business solutions. By creating valuable and long-term partnerships, Carrie has significantly contributed to the success of Western Computer’s customer base.

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