How Western Computer Can Help Your Business Pivot During Crisis

August 31, 2020 Amanda Sherry

In any time of uncertainty, the key to survival is innovation. The current pandemic has resulted in many businesses facing new challenges related to technology. When times are difficult, the experience that a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner has gained through years of problem-solving comes through.

In the eBook, “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis”, our team at Western Computer shares how organizations are relying on us to solve challenges and build on opportunity creatively. In this eBook, you will see examples of how you can use the right technology to execute on these nine points.


  1. Enable remote workforce productivity
  2. Protect cash flow with tighter controls
  3. Remodel processes through automated workflows
  4. Capitalize on data to drive business direction
  5. Empower customers with self-service options
  6. Explore merger and acquisition opportunities
  7. Reinvent business models to respond to change
  8. Deliver insight to workers in the field
  9. Respond quickly to unexpected demand


9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis

With more than 180 Dynamics experts across the United States and Canada, and over 500 successful implementations, you can trust Western Computer to provide the experience, knowledge, and attention you need.

Kelly Holwagner, VP of Operations at Western Computer says, “We talk a lot about digital transformation because we have seen a rapid evolution of how business is conducted. Our Dynamics 365 cloud customers, and Western Computer ourselves, were thankfully equipped to continue operations. Though you can never predict something of this magnitude, the peace of mind knowing your business can adapt and survive is priceless.”

Building your roadmap to success starts with a conversation about your goals, your challenges, and how we can empower you to connect, grow, and compete.


Next Steps

Western Computer goes beyond your software needs. We add industry-specific business knowledge to our technology expertise to help propel customers to the next level.

Greg Williams, Dynamics Practice Manager at Western Computer commented, “Business continuity must be a priority for businesses of all sizes moving forward. One positive thing to focus on is that with the cloud, we can help small businesses keep working and stay competitive even in the wake of a disaster like COVID-19. Technology is saving many businesses right now and I sincerely hope we can help companies build a long-term foundation for their future.”

At Western Computer, empowering people and businesses to succeed has always been our core mission, and helping businesses through this current time of crisis has renewed that passion.

Yes, the world has changed in many ways. But this doesn’t mean that your company has to be left behind. Western Computer can help you adapt your business approach to meet unexpected challenges. We listen carefully, answer thoughtfully, and deliver impactful results.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company leverage the power of the cloud to keep your business running smoothly even during challenging times.

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