4 Ways Solver for Dynamics 365 Revolutionizes Reporting, Planning & Insight

September 8, 2020 Greg Williams

One of the reasons Western Computer partners with Solver for Dynamics 365 as a powerful Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution is the innovative, intuitive way it empowers our customers.  As we discussed in a previous blog, Report Writers vs. BI vs. CPM: What’s the difference?Solver bridges the gaps in functionality and insight many businesses need to get to the next level.  


What makes Solver so powerfully unique? 

There are many distinct advantages of Solver’s cloud CPM software for our customers, including: 

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics 365 (Business Central & Finance) and Power BI 

  • Web-based Excel add-in (instead of reinventing the tool everyone already knows) 

  • Easy data consolidation from multiple sources 

  • Advanced budgeting and planning capabilities 

  • Connected insight across the organization 


Solver’s cloud suite is built on four core solutions: 


1. Financial and Operational Reporting 

Solver was expertly designed for finance professionals. Create any type of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement or operational report with templates or from scratch with super easy drag-and-drop design. Automate your workflows and calculations, accelerate close times, instantly share your reports, protect your business with full audit trails, and eliminate the errors from duplicate entry.  


2. Budgeting, Forecasting and Modeling 

Planning is a critical need for businesses, and a big advantage of Solver. The budgeting module in Solver allows you to create, manage and share all your budgets in one place. You get unlimited budget versions to budget at any level of detail or time period, create what-if analyses, and share your data across the entire Solver suite.  


3. Data Visualization with Power BI 

Solver and Power BI are both leaders, and even better together! Leverage your consolidated data, reports, budgets, and insights from Solver to build web-based, near real-time dashboards in Power BI. Help managers and executives collaborate to identify trends, boost performance, forecast accurately, and make faster, more profitable decisions. 


4. Azure Data Warehouse 

Consolidating and centralizing data for easy access and sharing is a MAJOR challenge for companies of all sizes. Solver makes it easy with their pre-configured data warehouse based on the Microsoft Azure platform. You’ll have all your data (in-house or cloud-based) stored and available at any time, from anywhere, for any purpose.  


Learn more about Solver for Dynamics 365 

CPM may be a new concept for your business, or perhaps you are looking for a new solution. Western Computer has more than 30 years’ experience helping businesses of all sizes elevate insight and we would love the opportunity to introduce you to the value of Solver. Contact us for a personal demonstration or with any questions. 

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