9 Ways to Simplify Project Management with D365 Business Central

If you’re managing resources and finances for a project-based business, you know how difficult it can be to track all the moving parts. It’s even more tricky to truly understand your costs and revenue. Companies have traditionally dealt with this issue by using a stack of different software applications, which may or may not be integrated.


To meet this need, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an integrated platform including robust project management capabilities within the Jobs module.



What is the D365 Business Central Jobs Module?

The Jobs module is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central suite. Jobs allows users to create an environment where you can gather information about budgets, costs, and tasks. Essentially, you can use Jobs to watch budgets vs. costs over time. From an operational standpoint, the module can manage everything from quotes all the way to invoicing.


Use Jobs in Dynamics 365 Business Central to improve your project management, record and access more granular data, and help your budgets meet actuals. The module allows you to see the big-picture view while also providing visibility into more details.



The Jobs module in Dynamics 365 Business Central makes project management easier with the following functionality:


1. The Project Manager Role Center

The role center for project managers is a workspace in Business Central specifically designed to create access to all the functionality and information project managers are most likely to use on a daily basis. It includes quick access to various aspects of the Jobs module.


2. Project status

Each individual job has an option to list the status of the project, whether it’s pending, underway, or already completed. This status ties into quotes, budgeting, invoicing, and more.


3. Customizable task lines

Task lines are user-definable lists of tasks for each job. They can be very simple or complex as needed, and for more complex projects can be split up very similarly to the chart of accounts. Task lines can include a description, start date, end date, budget costs, budget price, actual costs, and much more.


4. Multi-currency capabilities

Users can work in different currencies for invoicing vs. for tracking costs. For example, if a U.S.-based company has a customer in Canada, it’s possible to work in Canadian dollars for invoicing and in U.S. dollars for tracking costs.


5. Detailed resources management

The resources management capabilities within Jobs are fully integrated with the rest of your system. Users can assign all different types of resources, whether it’s a consultant or a physical item. Each resource line can include a description, base unit of measurement, user-defined timesheet, and more.


Resources are also integrated with the Dynamics 365 Business Central Service module.


7. Integrated purchase orders

Purchase orders can be generated directly from the Jobs interface, linking to data you’ve already entered for budgeting or other aspects of the project.


8. Document attachments

Each job allows documents to be attached so they’re easily seen and accessed by anyone who’s viewing the project.


9. Detailed analytics

All of the information you enter for each Job is automatically combined and analyzed by Business Central’s analytics. When you’re looking for information about costs and profitability, the job details window will show everything you need, including budget costs, actual costs, profit margin, project overruns, and more. Every single number presented in the statistics screen is drillable, so you can see all the details behind the metrics. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Project-Based Companies

Ready to transform your project management?

Western Computer has 30 years of experience helping customers use technology to solve their business challenges. We’ve helped numerous project-based organizations achieve their visions and enable growth.


If you’d like to see the Jobs module in action, check out our on-demand webinar to explore more awesome features and benefits – Dynamics 365 Business Central for Project-Based Companies. For more information about Dynamics 365 Business Central for your professional services firm or project-based business, contact us.

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