Mastering Data Analysis in Microsoft Business Central 23 with Marcelo Borges

February 22, 2024

Dive into the world of data analysis with Marcelo Borges from Western Computer as he expertly guides you through the new data analysis mode in Microsoft Business Central 23. This in-depth tutorial is a must-watch for users of BC 22 and above, showcasing the enablement and benefits of this powerful feature. Marcelo demonstrates how to utilize the customer ledger entries for effective data manipulation and analysis. Learn how to group and filter data, work with summary and pivot modes, and understand the nuances of the analysis mode for large data sets. Discover how the analysis mode mirrors Excel's functionality, offering familiarity for Excel users while providing enhanced capabilities within Business Central. Marcelo's tips and tricks will help you save time and increase efficiency by conducting analyses directly in BC, without the need for exporting data. Stay tuned as Marcelo also covers how to share customized analysis views within your organization, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication. For more insightful tutorials and updates, don't forget to visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you for watching and get ready to transform your data analysis skills with Microsoft Business Central 23! #BusinessCentral #DataAnalysis #Microsoft #BC23 #Tutorial #WesternComputer Contact us for a personalized demo: CALL: (805) 581-5020 VISIT: EMAIL: FOLLOW US:

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