Rapid Implementation to the Cloud: Do you want or do you need?

June 17, 2022 Amanda Sherry

Rapid Implementation to the Cloud: Do you want or do you need?

Rapid implementation might sound appealing but when is it the right approach?   If something is “fast”  make sure you fully understand the pros and cons.  What factors or triggers would require a rapid deployment model, price is the driver make sure you completely understand what you will get.

What would be the most likely scenarios that would make a rapid implementation the right choice?

Also, do you want or need to migrate your company to the Cloud?  Moving your business-critical data to the cloud should be high on every owner’s prioritize list.   The benefits are huge and the security of your data is top of the list.

As a software reseller we have seen too many customers, who thought their data was safe, get hit with a nasty virus, malware or ransomware.  They had to decide, pay the ransom to get their data back, cobble together data as best they could and move on asking themselves, when was our last backup and has it been checked recently.   We have seen customers get hit with all of the above and after deciding how to move forward everyone one of them migrated to a cloud solution which provided a clear and safe path for the future.

It doesn’t matter the industry, revenue or location of your company, the hackers don’t care.   Even companies that thought they were doing everything to protect their data didn’t realize the intruders were able to break in because authentication was not strong enough across all users to stop the violation!  

Some had to move so quickly to keep from irreparably harming their business, that meant finding a cloud solution and a partner that could rapidly implement that solution.   A partner with a proven track record of successful rapid implementations may not be easy to find.  Rapid implementations are not something a partner can say they can do, you have to ask for proof and evidence of success by speaking to other customers.   Evaluate the implementation partner’s rapid implementation offers, would one fit your business?   There are factors that must be taken into consideration when implementing quickly and it is not just the implementation partner… your team has to be willing to bend and absorb which is typically not easy for most system users who expect consistency and repeatability. 

Everything gets tossed in the air, the most important success factor is controlling where everything lands by listening to the partner who knows what it takes to get your company to the top of the hill.  Moving quickly doesn’t mean skipping important steps, it means managing the steps and understanding the tradeoffs compared to a more traditional implementation that could takes months.

Rapid implementations can be used for any implementation as long as the customer completely understands what they are agreeing to and your partner provides a clear path to go live and beyond.

Migrate to the cloud under your own terms with the right implementation plan and the right partner!   Protect your company, your data and more importantly your people. 


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