Streamlining Production Efficiency with D365 Supply Chain Management: The Over-Pick Materials Feature for Production Orders and Batch Orders

May 1, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and supply chain management, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing innovative technologies. Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a way to take on this challenge—as a game-changer for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions for their operations.  

One of the standout functions offered by the solution is the Over-Pick Materials feature in the Warehouse Management module. It greatly enhances efficiency and flexibility in the way manufacturers handle production orders and batch orders. 

Understanding Over-Pick Materials 

Traditionally, warehouse managers faced the challenge of precisely picking the required materials for production orders, often leading to bottlenecks and delays. The new Over-Pick Materials feature in the Warehouse Management module addresses this issue by allowing users to pick more materials than strictly necessary for a specific order.  

The over-picked inventory is then intelligently managed within the system, providing a safety net for unforeseen circumstances or changes in production requirements. Manufacturers can now secure efficient and flexible warehouse operations by empowering their workers to pick the full contents of nearly empty locations when selecting materials for production orders (including batch orders), thereby freeing up space.  

Over-picking is also relevant in situations where it is more efficient for workers to over-pick by rounding up to the nearest packing unit. Warehouse managers can configure Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to permit over-picking raw materials and set limits on over-picking as shown in the screenshot below:

 Screenshot showing production pick specs

Over-picking occurs when workers pick slightly more material than specified for production. Workers using the Warehouse Management module mobile app can now over-pick raw materials for production orders as needed, such as when delivering material to a put location, as shown in the image below: 

Screenshot showing deliver to put location specs

When interacting with the above screenshot, workers receive a notification if they exceed the over-picking thresholds (as defined by the warehouse manager). This gives workers time to adjust so material quantities will always be correct. 

5 Key Benefits of Using the Over-Pick Materials Feature for Production and Batch Orders 

The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Over-Pick Materials feature for production orders and batch orders is a valuable addition to the toolkit of manufacturing businesses. It provides a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape by delivering five key benefits: 

  1. Flexibility in Production Planning—offers greater flexibility in production planning. With the ability to pick additional materials, production managers can adapt to changes in demand, unexpected variations in production processes, and other unforeseen circumstances without halting operations. 
  2. Mitigating Shortages and Downtime—allows over-picking of materials, which acts as a safety net against shortages. In dynamic manufacturing environments, where supply chain disruptions are common, having surplus materials readily available ensures uninterrupted production and minimizes downtime. 
  3. Efficient Resource Utilization—optimizes resource utilization by reducing the need for frequent adjustments to production orders. Warehouse staff can pick larger quantities in a single run, streamlining operations and minimizing the time spent on order modifications. 
  4. Improved Order Accuracy—caters to unforeseen changes while also enhancing order accuracy. Warehouse workers can pick slightly more than the required quantity, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that the correct materials are available when needed. 
  5. Enhanced Visibility and Reporting—provides real-time visibility into over-picked quantities, allowing for accurate reporting and analysis. Managers can track over-picked materials, assess the reasons behind the excess, and make informed decisions for process improvements. 

By offering flexibility, mitigating shortages, and optimizing resource utilization, the Over-Pick Materials feature empowers organizations to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern manufacturing. And as businesses continue to evolve, embracing this innovative function is essential for staying ahead and ensuring operational excellence in production and supply chain domains. 

To learn more about streamlining production efficiency using the Over-Pick Materials feature in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, contact Western Computer today.  

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