September 19th: Empowering Your Customers: The Crucial Role of eCommerce and Self-Service Portals from DynamicWeb

June 3, 2024

Is your eCommerce portal integrated to your Dynamics ERP?


Are your Customers getting the best possible experience with the convenience and control they are expecting?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, how customers interact with businesses has radically transformed. The rise of eCommerce and Self-Service Portals has revolutionized the customer experience, granting them unprecedented control and convenience in their interactions. 


Learn to capitalize on this trend by integrating the DynamicWeb eCommerce and Self-Service Portal with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The DynamicWeb all-in-one eCommerce suite empowers customers and accelerates digital strategies with one platform for eCommerce, Self-Service Portals, Content Management, and Product Information Management (PIM).

Key takeaways from this webinar:


  • Transformation in Customer Interaction: The digital landscape has radically altered how customers engage with businesses, emphasizing ease of use and control.
  • Revolutionizing Customer Experience: eCommerce and Self-Service Portals have redefined customer interactions, offering unparalleled convenience and empowerment.
  • Integration for Success: Learn how to leverage DynamicWeb's eCommerce suite with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to optimize digital strategies and enhance customer experience.

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