How to Build an Online Wine Distribution Business with 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb eCommerce

September 2, 2020 Cady Jackson

Western Computer is excited to announce that our partnership with Dynamicweb is extending to 365WineTrade, our all-in-one cloud ERP solution for wine distributors. Dynamicweb was founded in 1999 and is a leader in eCommerce across the US and European market.

This partnership adds a complete B2B and B2C eCommerce platform to our already optimized solution including ERP, CRM, pre-built Power BI reports, multi-warehouse management, automated tax calculations and more.


How do you build an online wine distribution business?

Even if you don’t plan to process orders online in the traditional sense, Dynamicweb offers a wealth of capabilities to help you establish and market your business online. With seamless ERP and CRM integration, and built-in marketing and email tools, we can help you eliminate applications and manual processes to increase sales and engagement with one solution.

Just check out all the things you can do with 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb:


Drag-and-Drop Website Creation

Who has the time or budget to hire a web development team? Dynamicweb is super intuitive and they have made it possible for just about anyone to create a sleek, sophisticated website with templates and drag-and-drop tools.


Visual Online Product Catalog

Dynamicweb integrates with your products in 365WineTrade and includes an extended Product Information Management (PIM) system so you can build an accurate, visualized online product catalog with ease. Showcase your brands with vibrant pictures, expanded details, easy search and filter tools, product comparisons, build printable papers, print catalogs and more so your customers enjoy a personalized, sophisticated shopping experience.


Multiple Carts and “Wish Lists”

This is a standout feature of Dynamicweb you and your customers will love—especially buyers for multiple establishments. Let visitors create multiple carts and wish lists on your site and then either purchase online or you can quickly place an order for the items in their cart. Sales reps can even add recommended items to customer carts. Talk about easy sales!


Personalize Your Customer Experience

B2B companies like wine distributors must still provide a digital B2C-style experience because, as consumers, that’s what we expect these days. Isn’t it cool when you shop online and the company remembers your name, what you’ve browsed, your favorite items, recommendations based on your interest, what you left in your cart, and even when it’s time to reorder? That’s the kind of personalized experienced you can provide with Dynamicweb.


Built-in marketing automation and email platform

That’s right, you can cancel those expensive subscriptions to marketing and email tools because it’s all built into Dynamicweb. Now you can capture all kinds of data on how prospects and customers are engaging on your site and use it to create and send highly targeted, automated communications, newsletters and promotions. This benefit is so valuable, we created another article to highlight the creative ways you can use 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb to boost customer engagement.


Secure Online Payments

Accelerate cash flow by providing customers with multiple ways to pay across channels and devices.  Because Dynamicweb integrates with 365WineTrade, online payments are accurately processed and posted in your ERP system through ACH.


See 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb in action!

Let us show you how 365WineTrade with Dynamicweb provides a complete customer experience platform ready to help you improve relationships, optimize operations and increase profits on any channel. Contact us for a personal demonstration today.

About the Author

Cady Jackson

Cady Jackson is a Digital Transformation Executive. Based in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Cady brings over 14 years of experience.

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