Distribution Webinar Series: Trade Management for Dynamics 365 BC

November 26, 2019 Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Are you looking to boost your distribution margins? Want to calculate complex commissions with ease? Need a better way to handle calculations of large pricing sets for either sales or purchases? Wish you could track your upcoming purchase rebate credits?

Distributors, don’t miss this informative webinar series focused on helping you master trade management in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our senior solution architect, Telka Clem, will guide you through Western Computer’s innovative Trade Management functionality that can be fully integrated in your D365BC system.

Register now for all 3 webinars to learn how you can simplify, streamline and automate trade management in exciting new ways.

Trade Management for D365 BC Part 1: Sales Promotions & Rebates

Trade Management for D365 BC Part 1 - Sales Promotions and Rebates

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn how to:

  • Plan specific to the Items or Item Categories using various Locations and/or Units of Measure
  • Choose Items by common Attributes or any field associated with the Item
  • Choose single or groupings of Customers to determine who will receive Promotions or Rebates
  • Offer Discounts or BOGOs (buy one - get one free) when planning Promotions
  • Calculate Rebates immediately on a Sales Order or accumulate for a Credit Memo back to Customer
  • Pay a different Customer for Rebates on Sales


Trade Management for D365 BC Part 2: Commissions

Trade Management for D365 BC Part 2 - Commissions

Learn how to calculate commissions based on combinations of the following:

  • One or Multiple Salespersons per Sales Order
  • Items or Item Categories
  • Item Attributes
  • Items filtered by any field on the Item Card
  • Sales for Resource time or charges to a GL Account
  • Customers, Customer Price Groups, or All Customers with Exclusions
  • Different percentages by Salesperson on same Items & Customers
  • Meet Sales Thresholds before calculating commissions
  • Commissions calculated on Invoice or Payment with Accruals allowed
  • Any many more options


Trade Management for D365 BC Part 3: Sales & Purchase Trade Agreements

Trade Management for D365 BC Part 3 - Trade Agreements and Purchase Rebates

Do you need to handle calculations of large pricing sets for either Sales or Purchases? Trade Management Trade Agreements give you flexibility when setting parameters for Customer and Vendor pricing.

Learn how to use all or combinations of the following to create these large pricing sets and allow for calculations of override pricing:

  • Choose single or groupings of Customers/Vendors to determine who will receive Pricing
  • Calculate Pricing with Start Dates in the future and assign End Dates allowing for Seasonal pricing
  • If an Item for a Customer/Vendor falls into multiple prices for Trade Agreements, choose the “best” price
  • Track your upcoming Purchase Rebates and know your upcoming credit prior to a Vendor’s Credit

Questions about Trade Management for D365 BC?

We hope you and your team can join us for the full webinar series! We always welcome your questions and are happy to schedule a personal demonstration of Western Computer’s trade management functionality for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact us any time.

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