Distribution News: 365VendorRebates for Dynamics 365 Now Available on AppSource

April 10, 2019 Amanda Sherry

Vendor rebates can be a major revenue source for wholesale distributors (if they don’t fall through the cracks). At Western Computer, we understand it’s easy to lose track of rebates and that’s why we are excited to announce that 365VendorRebates, part of our new Distribution Solution Series for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, is now available! You won’t miss out on revenue from rebates again, and neither will your customers.

Download 365VendorRebates on Microsoft AppSource

Why Distributors Love 365VendorRebates

Rebates are a big part of any wholesaler’s business. It is common practice to offer discounts as an incentive to purchase products. Manufacturer rebates are valuable to you as a distributor and to your customers. Managed well, you can not only increase sales and profit margins, you can show your customers you care by offering them big discounts to save them money.

However, managing rebates in Dynamics 365 can also be extremely challenging when you have to track all these offers, not to mention knowing when and how to apply them to orders or claim them from the vendor. In today’s hyper-competitive world, every rebate counts!

Timing is a critical component when it comes to vendor rebates. The quicker you can claim a rebate, the better the cash flow. While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance manages open trade agreements and effectively handles rebates and discounts, it lacks the ability to automatically claim rebates from the manufacturers. The new Western Computer solution effectively fills this gap, enabling wholesalers to:

  • Proactively increase sales with rebate offers
  • Ensure all rebates are claimed on time
  • Reduce errors and delays in claim submissions
  • Maximize profits on each transaction

With the ability to track both customer and manufacturer rebates, these pass-throughs can be highly leveraged. For example, our new solution can add powerful capabilities to your sales and marketing efforts.

Just think, you can now create sales campaigns to align with rebate programs and motivate sales based on discounts and program expiration dates. These programs can be developed jointly with a manufacturer (with the potential for co-funding) or independently by the distributor to target specific sales growth goals.

How does 365VendorRebates work?

Western Computer’s 365VendorRebates for Dynamics 365 automatically posts the wholesaler’s rebate claim with the manufacturer. This ensures that the sales transaction is accurately recorded and linked to the rebate offer. The system then completes the rebate claim with the manufacturer. Specific functionality includes:

  • Ability to link trade agreements to products in inventory
  • Visibility to recognize when the specific product is sold
  • Automatic recording and filing of the rebate claims with the manufacturer
  • Calculation of transaction margins for salespeople and actual margins for management

Where do I go for more information?

Are you ready to maximize your profit margins with rebates? Western Computer has the tools to help. 365VendorRebates is available today as part of Microsoft AppSource, the premier resource for line-of-business apps for Microsoft Dynamics.

Check out this new exciting solution (and our other distribution apps - 365ParcelShip and 365CounterSales) and, as always, feel free to contact us for more information. We are here to help you make every rebate count!

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Amanda Sherry

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