5 Reasons Your Microsoft Support Partner Should Know Your Industry

November 16, 2023 Kelly Holwagner

Every industry has unique processes, challenges, and requirements. If your partner doesn’t have your industry specific knowledge you are probably overpaying by teaching them how to support you. The importance of industry expertise when it comes to supporting your technology investments is huge.

From specific regulatory compliance reports to unique daily workflows, today’s ERP and business applications are super flexible. However, that is only IF they are set up properly, incorporate best practices, and are continuously bringing you value. And that can all vary widely across industries.

That is why having a Microsoft support partner who understands your industry is essential. Here are some additional advantages of deep industry expertise for your implementation and ongoing support:

1. Experience with your software applications

Many partners specialize in support for one or two solutions, but the reality is that your business probably uses a variety of software applications from Microsoft and other vendors. Ideally, your partner should have proven experience with most of the applications you use. This is important not only for support, but for other services like integrations. For example, here at Western Computer, we specialize in these core Microsoft solutions and have experience with numerous industry applications:

2. Understanding what is important to your business

What might not be important for one type of business is critical for another. For example, distribution has vastly different processes and priorities than an industry such as biotech. Having experts who have successfully optimized operations for your industry means you can depend on your partner for guidance beyond technology. You can cut through the clutter and design a solution that delivers impactful results.

3. Providing industry best practices

Your Microsoft support partner shouldn’t be learning how to deal with your problem while you’re on the phone with them. When you need help, you want your partner to already know your business and software solutions so they can resolve issues quickly and effectively. Western Computer’s nationwide support team are all senior-level solutions and industry experts, not entry-level staff. If you are a manufacturer with a question about inventory, you will work with an inventory specialist. You should expect nothing less.

4. Ensuring you have the right solutions

The key to finding an exceptional support partner is thinking beyond a break-fix approach. For us, support encompasses many things from providing dedicated Customer Success Managers to full accountability with our Service Level Objectives and reports. Of course we solve your immediate needs, but are always working on your long-term success with insight and recommendations.

5. Continuous innovation in your industry

How committed is your partner to your industry? Western Computer is always looking to bridge the gaps for our customers. We have developed several industry-specific solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft business solutions we provide. These apps are built in response to common needs we see from customers in the different industries we specialize in. Currently, these apps include:

Are you ready to experience elite support?  

With over 30 years of experience and 1,100+ successful implementations, your Western Computer support team is ready to help with the real-world industry expertise and personalized service you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our support services for your organization.

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Kelly Holwagner

Kelly Holwagner joined Western Computer as the VP of Operations in 2013 where he is responsible for our implementation projects.

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