Distribution News: 365CounterSales for Dynamics 365 Now Available on AppSource

As a small to medium-sized wholesale distributor, you pride yourself on the stellar customer service your business provides. It’s what sets you apart from larger distributors who aren’t able to offer the same level of personalized customer service and retail experience, particularly at the sales counter.

Your counter is where your sales staff can shine, showing their expertise in your product line as well as the customer’s needs. However, all too often disconnected sales processes and systems create bottlenecks in the customer’s buying journey.

What if you could eliminate those bottlenecks and create a seamless, multi-channel retail experience for your customer?

Would you like your customers to pick up an order at the sales counter, no matter where, when or how it started?

That’s why we developed 365CounterSales by Western Computer for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and it’s available right now on AppSource!

Download 365CounterSales on Microsoft AppSource

Why Out of the Box Isn’t Enough Today

Dynamics 365 does support telephone sales and retail sales, but is lacking features uniquely needed for distribution counter sales. Designed to provide the specific functionality distributors need, the new Western Computer distribution application solutions integrate seamlessly and provide the same look and feel as other Dynamics 365 apps. Let’s take a closer look at 365CounterSales which can help your organization maximize profitability for in-person sales.

How to Make Counter Sales Faster and Easier

Chances are your current sales counter processes require a great deal of knowledge and experience by your sales team. It probably also includes some outside-of-the-system manual tasks such as researching inventory, looking up customer historical sales, and identifying pricing and any special offers. What if you could have one system that can handle all those tasks?

With 365CounterSales, your sales team can now:

  • Search for inventory items by any attribute
  • Verify serial numbers for all products sold to the customer
  • Access customer information such as history, credit status, and open orders
  • Determine profit margins and identify applicable discounts, rebates, and other offers
  • Complete the order regardless of where it opened (telesales or online)
  • Ship parcels directly from sales counter

It’s never been easier to arm your counter sales team with the tools they need to serve customers even faster and better. This new solution is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and brings together customer data, prior orders, and details about the current order.

Your sales team can now use a single system to perform all the tasks needed to complete a counter sales transaction. With a familiar interface, users will feel comfortable and adapt easily since 365CounterSales looks and feels like all other Dynamics 365 modules. Best of all, they will now be able to:

  1. fulfill orders more quickly
  2. ensure higher productivity
  3. achieve better order accuracy
  4. and increase customer satisfaction

Get More Information

Are you ready to maximize the size and profitability of your sales counter transactions? 365CounterSales is available today as part of Microsoft AppSource, the premier resource for line-of-business apps that are built on top of Microsoft Dynamics. Combined with our other distribution applications for Dynamics 365 – 365VendorRebates and 365ParcelShip – you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition with a superior customer experience end to end.

Western Computer is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and an experienced partner for distributors. We welcome your questions and are happy to schedule a personal demonstration of any of our solutions for distributors. Let’s elevate your sales counter experience!

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