Why 100% Virtual Software Implementations Succeed with Western Computer

September 16, 2020 Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Virtual software implementations are on the rise during the pandemic, and you might be wondering if you can or should go live with a new ERP solution remotely. The good news for Western Computer customers is that we’ve always been ahead of the trend, successfully implementing, training, and supporting our solutions and customers remotely for years. Because our processes, systems, and teams were already prepared to work virtually—we can save you a significant amount of time, cost, and frustration.

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How Western Computer Delivers 100% Remote Implementations tion

The case for virtual software implementations

Should you wait for a “normal” on-site option from a local partner? Can you really be confident a virtual software implementation and go-live is just as efficient and effective?

It’s understandable that, particularly right now, your company may be nervous about moving forward with a new ERP implementation. You might be worried that a remote scenario comes with sacrifices such as quality of work, or that it will take longer than usual.

While we can’t make that decision for you, we certainly can help ease the fears and provide some information to help you choose the best option. You might be surprised to learn there are real advantages of a remote ERP implementation vs. on-site implementation, including:


  • More freedom. A local partner is not always the best partner for your specific business and industry needs. With a remote implementation, you can choose the most experienced and qualified Microsoft partner instead of a limiting your selection to local partners.
  • More savings. There are no travel expenses or delays with a virtual software implementation which can mean a substantial savings in time and cost.
  • More flexibility. When project teams can meet virtually--at any time and location—implementations can be more efficient than an on-site implementation. Our nationwide team works remotely across multiple time zones so we are often available and productive outside standard office hours.
  • More focus.  We offer a project plan that will define the remote implementation.  Shorter focused sessions will keep your project team members engaged.   Scheduling actually becomes easier when working around all the other tasks your team members need to get done to do their “regular” job and focus on the project tasks assigned to them. 


What you can expect to change

The process of your implementation does not change. We still follow the same steps, but the tools we use and how we go about things may be a little different. Microsoft technologies and the cloud enable us to provide a remote experience that is very close to an on-site experience.

For example, we leverage Microsoft Teams to interact personally with you. Through device cameras, videos, and screen shares, we can see what you see, resolve issues, train users, and work together almost as if we were physically there with you.

With Microsoft SharePoint, we create virtual whiteboards, document shares, alerts and tasks so everyone collaborate and monitor status in real time. It brings everyone together at the ‘same table’ so to speak.


Want to learn more about virtual software implementations?

A virtual go-live is an excellent option for many reasons, not just during a pandemic. Some companies prefer a remote implementation to work with a more experienced partner across the country or simply to save money.

The reasons vary, but you can feel confident that Western Computer is equipped to deliver success regardless of location. With more than 1,100 implementations, and over 200 cloud implementations, we are problem solvers first and working remotely is part of our culture. How can we help? Contact us today with any questions.

About the Author

Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Katherine Turner-Lawrence, Vice President of Subscriptions at Western Computer, helps clients understand how they benefit from adopting ERP and CE solutions.

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