Upgrading AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management: 4 Money-Saving Tips

August 4, 2020 Greg Williams

Is your organization looking to upgrade from Dynamics AX before support ends in October 2021? If so, you already know it’s critical to consider the expenses, resources, and time needed to implement and operate whichever new ERP solution you decide on.

When you invest in a cloud-based solution like Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, there are significant opportunities for savings during implementation and beyond. With fast-track implementations, flexible licensing options, unparalleled scalability, and an overall lower total cost of ownership—it’s an excellent next step for Dynamics AX customers.

Here are a few ways to save time and money by upgrading AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management:


Discounted pricing for existing Microsoft Dynamics customers

Did you know Microsoft offers significant discounts on Dynamics 365 licenses for existing Dynamics customers? That means, as a current Dynamics AX customer, Dynamics 365 will cost less for your organization. This can lead to a huge savings over time, especially when combined with the flexibility of licensing as noted below.


Flexible and scalable user licenses

In addition to providing discounts for current AX customers, the subscription-based licensing structure of Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is far more flexible.

For starters, Dynamics 365 is built on a foundation of purpose-built apps, such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. These apps are all seamlessly integrated with each other as a single solution, but they allow organizations like yours to pay for licenses on a user-by-user basis. For example, if a user only needs access to functionality within Dynamics 365 Finance, but not within Supply Chain Management, you only need to pay for a license for that specific app.

Second, there are multiple pricing tiers for user subscriptions within each app. You get to choose between Full Users, who spend a lot of time performing in-depth tasks within the system, versus Team Members who only do light tasks such as accessing reports, updating simple records, or entering time and expenses. As you’d expect, Team Members cost less than Full Users.

Additionally, monthly subscriptions make it easy to add or remove users as needed. For example, if you have seasonal changes in the number of users, you can subscribe for those users on a month-by-month basis.

All of this flexibility combined means that not only will your organization save money on subscription fees, now you can afford to give more workers the access they need without busting your budget. With Dynamics 365, you can improve productivity and collaboration like never before.  


Microsoft FastTrack implementation program

To help with the various costs of implementation, Microsoft offers a FastTrack implementation program to help organizations like yours achieve a faster implementation and faster ROI. This means that in addition to the expertise, training, and personalized support we proudly provide here at Western Computer, you have direct access to the FastTrack team at Microsoft. Components of the FastTrack program such as Tech Talks, workshops, and touch points can all help your organization ensure


Easier Deployment and Integrations

The architecture of Dynamics 365, along with improved features like enhanced testing scripts, means we can get you up and running faster than ever. The structure of the Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365 simplifies integrations with third-party solutions and after you go live, you’ll really enjoy the advantage of automatic updates that won’t break your integrations or customizations.


Choosing Western Computer for your Dynamics AX Upgrade

The partner you choose for your AX upgrade is an important decision, and we are here to answer your questions and help you take a deeper dive into Dynamics 365. Western Computer has been in business for over thirty years with more than 1,100 implementations and 200 cloud implementations completed successfully. Our team is dedicated to using technology as a way to empower customers.

You’ll appreciate that we never outsource our work, and only hire senior-level resources. That means everyone you work with is a specialist with years of hands-on experience. We’re committed to listening to your needs, helping you learn all of your options, and building the right foundation for long-term success.  

Check out our Volutone Planning Story to learn how we helped one customer create a plan for the future. And if you’d like to talk to a Dynamics expert or schedule a demo, contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!

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